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I accidentally swallowed my suboxone, is it ok to take another or a piece of one?

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24 Apr 2011

Hey craziemom,

How long did you have it sublingual before you swallowed it? I would wait until the next dose time before taking anymore. This is a long acting drug and you will be fine to miss a dose as long as you have been taking it for awhile. If you are just starting the Suboxone then you may have to supplement sooner than normal dosage schedule. If you are really concerned, call the pharmacist and ask what to do about a missed dose. Or call 1-877-suboxone and ask the experts.

Best wishes,


BRRMARS 24 Apr 2011

Once gain laurie said exactly what i would say she knows what she is talking about, if the pharmacist cant help call your doc.


24 Apr 2011

Yes, it is. Try to only take a small amount like a quarter of one, if you are taking the 8/2's, this will equal 2 mgs, if you are taking the 2/.5's then you will only be getting .5 mgs. It will stay in your system a while so the quarter of the pill should hold you, until your next dose tomorrow.

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