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Had rash/hives with Metformin and then Glipizide. Anyone else?

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23 Jan 2011

It's unfortunate no one, who has taken these medicines, has responded. I must say it doesn't look like many people would have that sort of reaction with both metformin and glipizide.

Those are as you know serious side effects of both the medicines.

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caringsonbj 23 Jan 2011

I am so sorry I could not be of any more help I had the accute aggravating effects of Metiformin do you take the glipizaide by inection? other medications like Glucophage should be taken with food this Glipazide is one that doses not have to be(if I read this correctly) just imagining sometimes when one drug does not bring the blood sugar down then the doctors opt for another drug to use in combinaation with the metiformin I apologize that I have not been able to give you more exact answers, any concerns you have you cannot only talk with the doctor run it by the office staff and also you might ask the pharmacist I just want you to get the most accurate answers and for you to be safe and the best you can possibly be, please take care

23 Jan 2011

I had a terrible time with Metiformin (Glucophage) I can't say about the other drug, the metiformin gave me about 2 weeks with gas and stomach problems and also a rask I thought I would never get rid of the aggravation and that was what it was I am no longer on metiformin I was able to stabalize things with diet but I tell you it gave me a rough time please take good care

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speedie62 23 Jan 2011

I see no one has submitted a comment to your question... I don't have an answer, but have been taking Glipizide and Metformin for a few months and have not had any reaction to either except that this morning my sugar test was 102, which is great. Maybe you have not had a response because you spelled Metformin wrong... I don't know.. Hope someone will respond to your question.. Good Luck, Best Regards, Betty in Va.

9 Mar 2011

i also have had bad times with metformin. too much and i get terrible stomach troubles. recently i cut metformin and started taking glipizide er. oh that was a mistake! a terrible rash on my face and arms! burning and itchy! take benedryl the doctor said. now waiting until this rash calms down before any other additive can be given to metformin. i feel just like staying on low dose metformin and if my sugar gets a little high, i will watch. has anyone else found a better working medicinal combination?

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15 Feb 2012

Omg did I ever first I had terrible problems with the metformin with it making me sick all the time and then they put me on actos which they removed because it made me gain weight and started me on glipizide taking my dosage up to 30 mg talk about itching to death I broke out in terrible rashes and the itching is driving me nuts so I have stopped taking the glipizide its been a week and I am still itching? Anyone know how long it takes to get out of your system going back to the dr monday to see what we can use for the diabetes that Im not allergic too... Help Im itching...

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21 Feb 2012

I started taking Metformin on Feb 4. On Feb 16 I went to the doctor with my face so swollen I couldn't raise my eyebrows. In retrospect, the swelling was incremental - I kept remarking that though I had completely cut sugar from my diet, I still looked as if I had been on a three-week bender. Ha! She switched me to glipizide. I started taking it on Feb 19 (wanted to get that Metformin out of my system). Tonight, 1/2 hour after taking the glipizide, I realized my face was swelling up. Took an antihistamine (the first one of my life!), and it has helped some. I'm wondering what the hell they're going to give me for this diabetes next. These meds are wreaking more havoc than the elevated sugar!

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