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Does cymbalta cause memory loss?

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30 Oct 2011

Cymbalta's common neurologic are Dizziness, Headache, Insomnia, Somnolence (drowsiness). It should not cause memory loss. If you are having memory loss and suspect its from cymbalta its a more serious side effect

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30 Oct 2011

Hello dmoshe. No it doesn't meaning cause memory loss., but it can effect it, in as much you might seem preoccupied with something, then while doing whatever you might be into, So, in a manner of speaking, you would not remember what is going on around you. It can change your way of thinking. It can also impair it. best to you.

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Anonymous 30 Oct 2011

Seems lots of drugs can do that. I have that problem all the time. Good answer Pledge my friend...

Anonymous 30 Oct 2011

Good morning Mary. Very true though, I've had it happen over the years with several drugs that I was on. Effexcor was literally the worst offender. In my case to say that it was almost scarey is being polite. Actually, a good topic for a new question, what medication have you taken that you found to be the worse offender in regards to how your memory was effected. Have a great day friend, still time for a cuppa

LiverLips 31 Oct 2011

Hey pledge! How are you doing, my friend? My ex also took Effexor for clinical depression. He experienced memory loss as well as other side effects.

I'll drop by for a cuppa of your great Java! Got the pot on? Need I ask? LOL

Hi dmoshe! It's nice to meet you.

I take Cymbalta 120 mg daily for chronic pain. I have trouble remembering things, however, I don't think that it's caused from Cymbalta. Also, this is pretty well ascribed as the maximum dosage & my memory has been slowly improving these past few months. All the best to you, dmoshe!

from Wendy :)

Anonymous 31 Oct 2011

Morning Wendy. Doing well, this early Monday morning. Coffees on, so if you're still in mood for a cuppa, pull up a chair. Interesting about your husband. Puckiemull from the site also had some really bad experiences with effexor. Cream and sugar? :-0) Oh, and theres fresh apple pie

LiverLips 1 Nov 2011

pledge, you are such a bright ray of sunshine for me now in my murky, painful world! I'm just going to set a spell & rock back & forth on your porch while watching whoever else is going to wander by. Closeness & support of friends can help us overcome so many obstacles. I guess it's true that there's strength in numbers. :)

My wish for this week is that everyone will be touched by at least one bright ray of sunshine. All the best, everyone, always!
from Wendy :)

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