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Does cymbalta (60mg) cause weight gain & ,or cause water(bloting)? ty?

This question has also been asked and answered here: Cymbalta and Weight Gain?

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17 Dec 2010

I had a girlfriend who took it for depression and she lost weight so after I had my son and had PPD I took it. Started off at 30mg and then went on to 60mgs. I lost weight and never had any problems with retaining water or bloating.

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17 Dec 2010

I know a few patient friends of mine who have taken it and yes, they said it does in fact cause weight gain, I have never personally taken it for myself. I have tried the Trazadone that made me gain weight too, and made me sick. It was supposed to help me sleep, It gave me leg cramps like crazy. It's not my cup of tea, but other's said it works fine for them. SO, we are all different and we can't really say things about meds for other people. The outcome could be different on them.? Nobody ever knows for sure!

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Sh1thappns 17 Dec 2010

yes but it is always nice to know side effects that other people have had from a drug you are starting on.

Debrincon 17 Dec 2010

I was confused on the questions I had no weight gain from CYMBALTA? It was from the antidepressant CELEXA, I don't know anyone who has had a problem from Cymbalta as of yet? SO, I am going to talk to my doctor about it. Or the other one zoloft, cause thats what my mom & my sister are on. THANKS for the Feedback it's alway's helps others.

18 Dec 2010

I had gained weight while on lyrica but lost weight with cymbalta. I've never had a problem with bloating or water retention either.

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9 Mar 2012

I, myself have to say yes to both weight gain and bloating! NEVER did I think I would be asking "do u have these (jeans) in a 12-14 short" I carry all the weight in my face and belly! But like always, the same drug will have different results for everyone... but it is nice to share those different results!

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dready marley 30 Apr 2013

Same as that!! Am only a short arse being 4'11 n av always fluctuated between 7 n half n 8 stone but since taking duloxetine have gone up to 9 stone have literally starved myself for last 3 wks n still putting it on wtf???

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