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Does bactrim cause itching? No rash just itching?

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12 May 2010

Yes it certainly does, and depending on how long you are on the medication, the symtems will only get worse. Bactrim is a very strong antibiotic and destroys the good bacteria as well as the bad. It can cause intense itching of the anus and vigina. This is caused by the yeast (fungus) in you intestines that normal good bacteria keeps in check. The Bactrim destroys this and the yeast takes over. Fluconizole will get rid of the yeast infection. You should stop the Bactrim. You are probably allergic to it. Itching is usually followed by hives/rash, swollen lips, but can sometimes take to 20 to 30 days to manifest itself. Antibiotics are good for what they are needed for. But should be avoided unless it is absolutely necessary. You may need to tell your doctor to switch you to something else. Don't wait. This can be serious life-threatening stuff. It nearly killed me and it isn't any fun to go through stuff like this. Take care, get off the Bactrim. Hope this helps. Ava.

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