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Is there a difference between 2 500mg Metformin and 1 1000mg Metformin Hydrochloride?

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26 Aug 2012

The only difference I can think of is you'd be taking more pills at a time with one of them. Sometimes doctors and pharmacist alike are hesitant to have a person take a smaller dose pill, but take 2 of them, for fear they won't understand and take only one. I figure as long as you're of average intelligence you can figure it out, lol.

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26 Aug 2012

Well I am a diabetic type 2 and that is the medication I take. Its been almost 8 months now. It could be a huge difference. Only take what your Doctor has prescribed you. I take one 500mg two times a day which totals 1000mg. But my body needs the 500 spread out over 2 a day. If this is prescribed you then it should say on your bottle what you should do. My pills by the way do not have the hydrochloride on the bottle so that may even be a different medication than just the metformin. All that information is here though... check it out.

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kaismama 26 Aug 2012

metformin hydrochloride is metformin. That is just the full name.

27 Aug 2012

Iamnot sure I only know that my Doctor wants me to take 2 per day.

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30 Jun 2015

I think no difference

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