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Bacterial Infection - can I use clindamycin for an abcess tooth I have swelling and alot of pain?

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9 Mar 2011

Clindamycin is a very effective antibiotic against certain types of bacteria which cause serious dental infections.
It should only be used on the recommendation of a dentist.

Self diagnosis is not a good idea, you should seek medical/dental help.

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mkbohrer 1 Aug 2011

my dentist prescribed clindamycin for an abcess-


9 Mar 2011

I agree with Suzanne. Unless your dentist prescribed this for this problem, you should seek his counsel first. My husband is currently on Clindamycin because he just had 6 teeth pulled & has diabetes & a heart condition so I know they use it for dental procedures, but don't ever take leftover meds or someone else's until you talk with your dentist.

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9 Mar 2011

First, where did you get this med, and how old is it? How was/is it stored? In a kitchen, or a humid bathroom? An unairconditioned or unheated house? How many pills do you have? Do you know what kind of bacterial infection you have, or how bad it is?? Do you know how many days of antibiotics you need to completely kill this infection without allowing the stronger bacteria to grow back and then have a possible "superbug" on your hands? Some infections only need five days worth of medication, whereas some need two weeks OR MORE. What I am trying to say to you is that unless you see a dentist, you are only guessing at what you need. You probably need your tooth pulled or a root canal.


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