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Dermatophytes (Canada)

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Manufacturer: Biovet

Culture Medium For Dermatophytes

Insert / Product #P017



1. Identify the flask by writing on it in indelible felt tip the name of the patient and the date.

2. Wash the lesion and surrounding area with soapy water without fungicide and dry with absorbent paper.

3. Carry out the sampling (hair, scab, skin, etc.) with haemostatic forceps or a lancet. Do not sample too much. Use instruments which are STERILISED.

4. Open the flask of culture medium, working if possible near a flame to avoid contamination.

5. Place the sample on the edge of the culture medium, against the inside surface of the flask. Do not put the sample in the medium.

6. Close the flask again without fully tightening the cap. Air exchanges are essential.

7. Incubate at room temperature (23 ± 2°C).

8. After 48 hours, the color of the culture medium begins to change if the sample contains dermatophytes: pink then clearly red. Leave the sample in position for about 10 to 14 days to identify the colonies.



Other pathogens can also cause a change of color in the culture medium. However, these can be distinguished from dermatophytes by the following characteristics:


The change in color appears with the development of fungal colonies which usually have a light pigment.


The development of colonies takes place well before the change in color. The colonies are dark.


Characteristic morphology of the colonies.

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