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BMD 110 G (Canada)

This page contains information on BMD 110 G for veterinary use.
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BMD 110 G

This treatment applies to the following species:
Manufacturer: Zoetis


Medicated Bacitracin Methylene Disalicylate Premix

For Feed Manufacturing Use Only

Active Ingredient

Bacitracin (as Methylene Disalicylate)

110 g/kg

For manufacturing complete feeds for broiler chickens, turkeys, growing and finishing swine, pregnant and lactating sows or gilts.


A dried precipitated fermentation product obtained by culturing Bacillus licheniformis tracy on media adapted for microbiological production of Bacitracin; calcium carbonate. Granular product.

BMD 110 G Indications And Directions For Use

Broiler chickens for reduction of early mortality due to diminished feed consumption and chilling:

Feed to 1 week of age.

1.0 kg of BMD® 110 G per 999.0 kg complete feed to provide a bacitracin concentration of 110 mg/kg.

Broiler chickens, turkeys, and growing and finishing swine as an aid in improving the rate of gain and feed efficiency:

Feed continuously to market weight.

0.04 kg (40 g) of BMD® 110 G per 999.96 kg complete feed to provide a bacitracin concentration of 4.4 mg/kg.

Note: The extent of improvement in animal production performance with the use of this drug may not be achieved in modern husbandry systems and may be less than that demonstrated in earlier studies. Periodic evaluation for efficacy is recommended. Use of this product should be contingent upon demonstration of efficacy following evaluation. Consult your veterinarian and/or nutritionist. Do not use this product if they determine that improvement in animal health and performance from use of this product has not occurred following evaluation.

Broiler chickens for prevention of necrotic enteritis caused by Clostridium perfringens susceptible to bacitracin:

Feed continuously to market weight.

0.5 kg of BMD® 110 G per 999.5 kg complete feed to provide a bacitracin concentration of 55 mg/kg.

Pregnant and lactating sows or gilts:

Feed for 2 1/2 weeks before farrowing through 3 weeks after farrowing for prevention of clostridial enteritis in suckling piglets caused by Clostridium spp. susceptible to bacitracin. Clostridial enteritis in piglets has a low incidence in Canada.

2.5 kg of BMD® 110 G per 997.5 kg complete feed to provide a bacitracin concentration of 275 mg/kg.

BMD 110 G Caution

Do not use in feeds containing pellet binding agents with the exception of Ameri-Bond 2x (calcium lignosulfonate) and Pel-Stik.


Keep in a dry place at room temperature.

® Reg. Trademark used under licence

DIN 02206099

ALPHARMA CANADA CORPORATION, 6950 Creditview Road, Mississauga, ON L5N 0A6

Net weight:



25 kg


099328 0912

NAC No.: 1198476.0

Order Desk:   800-663-8888
Technical Services Canada:   800-461-0917
Technical Services USA:   800-366-5288
Website:   www.zoetis.ca
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