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Can you use hydrocortizone cream to treat athlete's feet?

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13 Jun 2013

DO NOT USE CORTISONE. Never on an infection of any kind, it will only make it worse. There are anti fungal sprays available over the counter that are for athletes feet.

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12 Jun 2013

Usually antifungals like Terbinafine,clotrimazole are used to treat the Athlete's foot. The treatment regimen depends upon the extent and severity of infection. Using Hydrocortizone may help to alleviate the inflammation associated with the infection, but won't cure the infection. Several Over-The-Counter agents are available. Better consult your pharmacist.

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11 Sep 2013

Believe it or not Right Guard Stick Deoderant has the same properties as Dr. Schols foot cream and it ALOT cheaper. Apply it in the morning and at night. Remember to only wear cotton socks as nylon socks hold moisture in and worsens athletes foot.

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