Xanax - How long does the alprolozam work? I took .5 at noon and already felt anxious at 3?

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29 Jan 2012

Hey erin,

Xanax is a relatively short acting antianxiety medication. You may need a dosage adjustment, but you'll need to talk to the doctor before doing so. There are longer acting meds in the same category as xanax which might work better for you. Have to investigate that with the doc.


29 Jan 2012


Laurie is right, but there is also xanax extended release, that might be an option, I took it for sometime and it is a lot better than the immediate release one, for me.

All the best,


30 Jan 2012

Xanax works very quickly... like in 30 minutes or less. You should still feel its effects at 3:00 albeit it is probably wearing off slightly at that point. Your anxiety must be fairly high or perhaps you have a higher tolerance. I agree with Laurie that you need to talk to your physician about a dosage adjustment. Or you might try the extended release as Maso suggested.
Good luck. So sorry you are having high anxiety. I hope you feel better soon... pup

30 Jan 2012

Yup, that's right, you may need to talk to your doc about this. Xanax is considered to be a classic short acting benzo, ideal for situational anxiety. An example of this would be giving a speech. You'll be on the spot light for an hour, but then that's it, and you really don't have the need for any additional benzo action.

On the other end of the spectrum there is Klonopin, a benzo that I personally take for spontaneous panic attacks and general anxiety. Due to the fact that my anxiety is more of a constant in addition to panic that doesn't have any clear triggers, Klonopin has a very very long half life, keeping me under the effect of the benzo around the clock.


Anonymous 30 Jan 2012

I definitely need it for general anxiety and not just certain times. They just increased my busbar dose and think the spike might be due to that. I usually don't take Xanax at all. Do you know anything about busbar?

cileem 3 Dec 2013

Buspar, as I believe it's spelled, did nothing at all 4 me. I take Xanax 0.5 mg 4 times/day. Duznt help completely, but makes a big difference. I've never tried Klonopin.

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