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Xanax - can you just take this medicine as needed? the smallest dose?

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1 Dec 2011

Hey amytmoore,

Absolutely, it is an excellent med to be taken prn (as needed). The smallest dose would be 0.25mg pill.

Hope this helps,


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1 Dec 2011

Hello amytmoore. Yes you can. But, becarefull only as much that xanax comes from what is known the benzodiazepine family of drugs and is very habit forming. Xanax is a short, fast acting benzodiazepine. You'll find that over a short period of time, you'll be taking another xanax, to relieve your anxiety. And the cycle speeds up. The longer on the drug, more difficult to stop, when you no longer want to take it. Its a great drug for anxiety,.does good work. Its manufactured just for that purpose. If taken as prescribed, you'll find it a good medication to be on. Best wishes,

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