What time of day should Lisinopril be taken if prescribed to take 1 tablet daily?

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8 Jul 2009

It doesn't matter too much what time of day you take the Lisinopril but it is a good idea to take it at the same time every day ie. at 24 hour intervals. If you are just starting treatment with Lisinopril it is probably a good idea to take the tablets in the evening with a meal to reduce side-effects. It is worth knowing that when first starting lisinopril it can lower the blood-pressure significantly and you need to be careful when getting out of bed or off the couch etc ie. get up slowly to avoid dizziness.

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jaquay21_ 15 Jul 2009

hi, Lisinopril , one of it's side effect is going to bath room. so, I would take it in morning so I don't be up all night . Hang in there.

bennie9898 8 Dec 2010

Dr OZ spoke about this in November 2010. He said to take blood pressurre meds at night

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