What pain medications are available in liquid form?

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18 Apr 2010

Dilaudid,metadone,morphine,Demerol & some not do strong ones I don't know. Hope it helps.

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Buddy1971 18 Apr 2010

I meant methadone not SO strong ones,also even though I'm prescribed dilaudid(hydromorphone) I spelled it wrong,sorry.

Marie24709 18 Apr 2010

Hi Buddy,
I take Morphine 60mg and I also take Vicodin 10/660mg,for break through pain and I still have chronic pain.Methadone did not work for me at all. Dilaudia and Demerol also worked well but just like the Morphine, there is an adjustment period, and that can be bad.

18 Apr 2010

You can also get anti-inflammatory pain relief in liquid form; ibuprofen, and also codeine in liquid form as well as many paracetamol liquids

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