What is this pill - clear capsule with beige colored powder in it?

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28 Feb 2011

It is probably a street drug. All prescription drugs in the US have some imprint for identification on them. Street drugs are often sold in plain capsules. Dispose of it!

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caringsonbj 28 Feb 2011

I would have to agree, I have submitted several things to the pill identifier but without some sort of a number or imprint you get the same thing back unable to locate this without proper identification, one thing various ones have suggested and I think this is an idea, take this to your pharmacist he may be able to give you some sort of idea what is there, if he is unable to then unless you are able to find out more than you have it is next to impossible in finding an answer, I wish you the very best of luck,

DzooBaby 28 Feb 2011

It could also be an herbal supplement. Herbal supplements come in clear capsules too. They do not fall under the same guidelines as drugs do in the US. They are considered dietary supplements and therefore are not marked.

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