What does "HCL" stand for after the drug name? For example: Methadone HCL 10 MG Tablet?

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5 Jan 2010

It stands for Hydrochloride. Most drugs have HCL following the drug name. Hope this helps!

Kten 11 Jan 2012

what is Hydrochloride then?

Anonymous 28 Jan 2013

HCL is the medical friendly, water and acid soluablle, salt version of an amine. Amines are converted to a salt form for their standardized and predictable rates of solubiliy and absorption. Think of HCL's as though you were making a glass of koolaid. You want the koolaid to dissolve easily and quickly as well as dispersrse evenly in the water. You don't want clumps or undissolved pieces etc.when you stir it up. HCL's accomplish this, thereby enabling them to be handled easily and administered evenly and efficently.


27 Jan 2013

HCL(acid) is the hydrochloride form but more importantly the answer you seek concerns "is the acid form best for your application" HCL is the converted form of many compounds for shelf life extension and durability. HCL's are actually poor versions of their former self.

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