What could happin if you injected bc powder?

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19 Nov 2011

Extremely dangerous and most very likely you might die. Do not even think about doing this.

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LaurieShay 19 Nov 2011

Good morning Pledgy, fresh danish?

Anonymous 19 Nov 2011

Sounds good to me Laurie. Just made us a fresh pot, have a good one.


19 Nov 2011

Dear need, hon, why would you even want to do that. It is only powdered aspirin, there is nothing to get you high and it is in powder form to act quickly anyway. Anytime you inject medication, you are at risk for death. You could inject an air bubble and cause death, get cotton in your body and get cotton fever, which will make you want to die, and infection. Maybe you could hit comment and clarify what is going on and get some support from is. Are you a regular iv drug user? We love to help people but need more info in order to better answer you. Patti

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19 Nov 2011

patti, I'm glad you clarified just what bc powder is, I'd no clue.
needsanswersbad, I hope you don't do this, no one wants you to die!!
Best wishes,

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19 Nov 2011

So much agree with all the others, please do not do this to yourself. If you are in trouble, please call the dug hotline now...

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23 Nov 2011

Omg! Something bad I'm sure! Don't do it!

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