What are some reliable antidepressants that increase dopamine levels. Are they addictive?

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28 Oct 2011

Hi helpmybody - There is really no possible way to predict which of the antidepressants or combinations of such will work on you prior to getting a full assessment and diagnosis from a very good Psychiatrist. Because there is still so much unknown about the brain and neurotransmitters, even after you've gone through the assessment & the Dr. has a pretty good idea of what may work, there is usually a trial & error period, during which several different meds. are tried. But, once found, the correct anti-depressant can really change one's life in a meaningful way. I say this because I am a true believer, having been down that route before, and after several serious depressive episodes, and also being a Psychologist, myself, I've found the correct medications for my own depression. I know there are many bad Drs., but there are also many excellent ones. Its not an exact science because each person is so different.


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