What are robin egg diet pills called?

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15 Jul 2010

Ephedra(street speed). Speeders take this to get high this is not good for you and if not taken properly can kill you.

25 Apr 2012

Actually, "Robin eggs" are 37.5 mg Phentermine. It is used to control appetite in severely obese people without heart conditions. The drug does have some psychotropic side effects like euphoria or exacerbated sense of well being. The side effects are similar in "feel" as Adderall, or for those as old as I am, Eskatrol (which was banned by the FDA in 1981). The potential for abuse is high in my opinion. BE CAREFUL USING THIS DRUG! It does indeed cause hypertension and increased or rapid heart beat.

15 Nov 2012

Do you know how to get them?

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