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Can I take tramadol and advil at the same time?

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5 Mar 2013

Yes you can.

5 Mar 2013

If the tramadol product you take is either plain tramadol, or tramadol with acetaminophen, then you can take Advil with it. Just as long as it's not combined with ibuprofen, though to my knowledge, and from searching, I don't believe they make it combined with ibuprofen. But I would double check the bottle just to be sure.

6 Mar 2013

My doctor told me I could take 2 Advil or 2 Tylenol when I take 2 50mg tramadol. The tramadol didn't work as well without that extra for me anyway.

6 Mar 2013

While no direct interactions are indicated , I would strongly recommend
avoiding taking them at same time.It is also important to know How long you have been taking and is it as per your Doctor?If you feel getting great relief take with gap of 5 -6 hrs . Take care and reduce medication and do more Meditation. Best Luck

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