The pill is plain oval shaped and purple no writing on it wat kind is it?


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What is this pill - with 'CG' imprint?

oval shaped, white w/ orange writing CG 540

1 answer 15 Dec 2009

I found a pill and it is green oval shaped and it has s903 could you tell me what kind of pill this?

i was wonderind what kind of pill this is and what it is for

1 answer 7 Mar 2011

What is this pill ?

; Its oval shaped, dark purple, but has no inprint, and I can open it but theres like powder stuff in side, any idea whut it iss ? :/

0 answers 26 Apr 2011

What is this pill - with no imprint on it?

Its a light grey or purple with no imprint and oval shaped?

1 answer 9 Jan 2012