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Warfarin - Does this med really have rat poision in it?

I was told at a Dr office the other day that it does and my Dad takes it.

Posted 13 days ago 1 answer

Can anyone comment on extreme knee pain since being on warfin ?

I had reconstruction way before on one knee ! but I have it in the so called good knee as well !

Posted 23 Mar 2014 0 answers

Lovenox - I am on warfarin my MD is.going to do a adg on me he said I should not take it for 5 days?

... before should I take a lovanox inject anytime before the procedure

Posted 15 Mar 2014 1 answer

Pulmonary Embolism - My doc says I can stop warfarin after 6 months. Got PE post op. Has anyone?

... stopped warfarin in the same situation?

Posted 27 Feb 2014 3 answers

On warfarin for a pulmonary embolism now for 2 months?

i have been getting realy bad intergestion that i have never had before and im also getting realy bad chest pain from the center right down the bottom my chest and it hurts to breath because of it ...

Posted 2 Mar 2014 2 answers

Does Rivaroxabn have any food intolerance?

I'm told I have to go onto Warfarin Or rivaroxaban for Atri-fibulation. I see Warfarin is intolerant of several foods, but is Rivaroxaban intolerant of any foods.

Posted 6 Mar 2014 1 answer

Can Warfarin cause hair loss?

I was on Warfarin from 10/2011 until 5/2012. In Jan. or Feb. of 2012 my hair started coming out in big chuncks everytime I washed it. I stopped taking the medication in May of 2012 and about July or ...

Posted 2 Jul 2013 4 answers

What anti inflammatory medicines are compatible with warfarin?

I am taking warfarin and have been stopped from taking diclofenac sodium causing a lot of pain to return to my joints

Posted 25 Feb 2014 1 answer

I have to take warfarin due to my mechanical heart valves caused by meningintis. Now I have hair?

... loss. Isn't there something else I can take please?

Posted 10 Feb 2014 3 answers

Coumadin - Looking for participants for Warfarin therapy user research. Interested?

As someone who has struggled with deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolisms, I know how difficult Warfarin therapy can be. That is why my team and I are building a mobile and web application that ...

Posted 29 Jan 2014 3 answers

I am on warfarin with an inr of 2.5, I have badly grazed my shin and my wound will not stop bleeding

... can I halve my warfarin dose to help the wound to mend??

Posted 19 Feb 2014 1 answer

Can biotin affect warafrin?

Biotin has improved my hair significantly but my Warafrin numbers have recently been high. Is there a correlation? I'm taking 5000 mcg most days, is this too much?

Posted 1 Feb 2014 2 answers

I am taken 5mg a day of warafin, should I take vinpocetine 10mg once a day?

I have a blood disorder called factor 5 liden, I had blood clot in lower leg from deep vein thrombosis, broke off went to lungs ; this was in may of 2013

Posted 5 Feb 2014 2 answers

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