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Plan B One-Step - how long do the side effects last after taking the pill?

I took the pill two days ago and I'm experinsing nausea vomiting abdominal pain dizziness and its knocking me on my butt. I can barely walk with the pain and dizziness. and can barely stand to ...

Posted 22 Oct 2013 3 answers

How long does tramadol nausea lasts ?

i took a 100mg of tramadol yesterday night for a severe tooth ache and now i feel like vomiting, how long will it last ?

Posted 2 Aug 2013 2 answers

Greetings, My wife has a valid prescription for MS Contin, 60mg, 120/month (4xDay). She took a bad?

... fall a couple of weeks ago and went through her pills too quickly. Now she's at about Hour 50 of withdrawals (vomiting, diarrhea, dizziness, severe nausea, general "I'm going to ...

Posted 7 days ago 3 answers

Is minimal ascites a big problem?

I've been detected with minimal ascites, my stomach is slightly bloated. I sometimes get severe pain my stomach but I feel normal after vomitting. I never drink alcohol and always eat home-made ...

Posted 3 days ago 1 answer

Now my bp is normal says the dr, but I still feel generally unwell, nausea and vomiting white foam?

Am also hungry all the time. Being woken up by stomach pain past two days( burning feeling) feel very hot sometimes

Posted 4 days ago 1 answer

When I get the withdrawal bleed from taking Nordette, am I safe?

I took Nordette as an ECP, then after 5 days, I got my period/ the withdrawal bleed. (It was heavy, but brown) I also experienced nausea and vomiting. Does that mean I am safe and not pregnant?

Posted 15 days ago 2 answers

Microgestin Fe 1/20 - Nausea and Vomiting?

I have been nauseous and having migraines for the last two weeks and I'm scarred and anxious to take microgestin 1/20 because I don't want to be nauseous and throwing up. I want my nausea ...

Posted 11 days ago 1 answer

How long nordette side effect as ecp last?

Last july26 me and my gf had unprotected sex on the day 3rd day on her period, she took nordette (4 pills) after 8 hours of deed then another 12 hours after the first dose , she experience vomitting ...

Posted 10 Aug 2014 1 answer

Viibryd - Can I take 10mg a little earlier?

I just started the 10mg and I took it at 8 p.m. cause I was worried about the having side effects at work. The next morning I had vomiting and diarrhea. So I took it again at the same time and had ...

Posted 7 Aug 2014 2 answers

I had a sex with my partner but I felt unsecured so I took I-pill and after 2 days my periods?

... started and it was bleeding to much for 5 days but after 1 month I started feeling tired and want to sleep more, pain below my stomach, my nipples were paining,headache,felt like vomiting so this ...

Posted 25 Jul 2014 3 answers

Does requip make you nausated and/or vomit?

I have taken Requip/Ropinirole for at least 3 yrs. For the last 4-5 mos, I seem to get nausated /vomiting. I also had gastric bypass surgery 10 yrs ago. Has anyone else had this problem after so many ...

Posted 9 Aug 2014 1 answer

My wife vomiting after child birth?

when we came to home from hospital after 6 days she vomiting and not eating anything and her hb go down 8.2 from 10.9. what is cause she is vomiting.

Posted 1 Aug 2014 1 answer

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