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Anyone have side effects from sovaldi and ribavirin?

I was diagnosed with hep c in August of 2014. I am genotype 2 and my viral load is 3 million. I started the 12week course of sovaldi and rivavirin on Feb 26th 2015. I am going to continue taking my ...

Posted 20 Mar 2015 3 answers


I'm having side effects from sovaldi and ribavirin. They won't take me off the meds will they?

I have muscle and bone pain. Sharp pains actually. My kidneys have shooting pains and I have had minor pain in my bladder. My urine is dark. My head hurts and my ears ring. I have shortness of ...

Posted 17 Mar 2015 3 answers

Time off work if needed in Canada?

I was diagnosed in May if 2014. I have geno type 3 hep c and my Dr. Is starting me on Sovaldi and Ribavirion for 24 weeks. I'm wondering and worried about the side effects and if they do get to ...

Posted 20 Mar 2015 2 answers

Sovaldi - how long after my 12 week treatment do side effects last ?

I have 1 day left on a 12 week trial taking sofosbuvir 400mg. and simeprevir 150mg. my last blood work 1month ago showed undetected viral count. how long will the side effects last before they are ...

Posted 2 Sep 2014 1 answer

Most Common Side Effects while Taking Sovaldi and Ribavirion?

I will be starting Sovaldi and Ribavirion late next month and am wondering what are the most common side effects and how soon after starting the medications might I see or feel any? I'm just ...

Posted 21 Mar 2015 1 answer

Sovaldi - what are my legal options if any?

I am 24 years old I have been diagnosed with the hepatitis C virus since I was 21. My ex didnt tell me that she was infected.unfortunately we were both IV drug users. once I had been sober for about ...

Posted 15 Mar 2015 1 answer

Can I smoke while taking sovaldi?

3-4 cig. Per day

Posted 8 Feb 2015 2 answers

My prescription was three month treatment with Sovaldi+ribavirin+ peginterferon alfa for 3 month but

... due to some financial problem I took treatment for one month only and I stopped can some one told me the expected effect for that regarding to the coplication that may be happen and also my ...

Posted 17 Jan 2015 2 answers

Stopping taking Sovali for some time, and continue later?

my prescription was three month treatment with Sovaldi+ribavirin+ peginterferon alfa for 3 month but due to some financial problem I took treatment for one month only and I stopped can some one told ...

Posted 17 Jan 2015 1 answer

Does a release of liability form need to be signed when taking sovaldi in the result of death by?

... injesting the pills for a 3-month period??

Posted 3 Dec 2014 2 answers

I am taking Olysio & sovaldi for Hep C. I accidently missed a dose. Can I still be cured of Hep C?

If one dose is missed out of 12 weeks of treatment, is it still possible to be cured from Hep C.

Posted 27 Oct 2014 1 answer

Has anyone experienced trouble concentrating, confusion, or learning and retaining new information?

I am in the 13th week of the 24 week Sovaldi / Ribavarin regimen and I am experiencing confusion and trouble concentrating during study periods. I'm a 4th year student and this usually occurs ...

Posted 16 Oct 2014 2 answers

Are the drugs olysio and sovaldi to treat hepstitis c ready to take?

Are they fda approved and ready for the public to be treated for hcv?

Posted 18 Oct 2014 1 answer

Stopping sovaldi and continue taking it again after few days is that ok??

My dr diagnosed me with hep c genotype 4 and I startes the sovaldi treatment along with the interferon tablets and the revabrin I was told to take the courae for 3 months now and I have just finished ...

Posted 26 Sep 2014 1 answer

Hepatitis C - How has anemia been problem for patients on sovaldi and ribavirin?

my fatique level is very high,in other words I tire very easily,and find it very very difficult to exercise in any way. At 14 weeks into the 6 month treatment (zero viral load @ 4 wks) I read that ...

Posted 12 Jul 2014 3 answers

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