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Is hydroxyzine pamoate a form of zanex?

I also need to know if sertraline is a form of zanex

Posted 1 Apr 2015 2 answers

Should I take sertraline for irritable bowels?

I suffer from acid reflex and IBS, should I take strapline 100 mg for this?

Posted 13 days ago 0 answers

Does sertraline make you go to toilet a lot during night?

Trying to find out if other medicines such as Omeprazole, Bendroflume or Amlodipine are the cause of having to go excessively or is it the sertraline.

Posted 2 Apr 2015 2 answers

Zoloft - Does sertraline make it hard to orgasm?

I have heard sertraline can have a negative affect on being able to orgasm, is this true or does it depend on the person?

Posted 19 Mar 2015 2 answers

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder - I had my sertraline upped to 100 mg almost 2 weeks ago. I stay?

... dizzy and tired but then cant sleep at night. They also have me on 1 mg of ativan 4x a day. I feel spaced out, anxious, and just lousy. Can anyone help me understand this, because my pharmacist ...

Posted 28 Mar 2015 4 answers

Sertraline - New here. Need support?

I was in a car accident over 2 months ago and sustained a "minor"?concussion. Shortly after that I started having severe panic attacks, anxiety, obsessive thinking, and depression. My PCP ...

Posted 26 Feb 2015 3 answers

I have been taking Buspar with Sertraline for 3 weeks. I have noticed since begging these medicines?

... I have been ruminating really hard on past mistakes that make me feel very inferior/gross/guilty etc.. I do notice when the Buspar is beginning to wear off about 5 or so hrs after I take it, I am ...

Posted 7 Apr 2015 0 answers

Xerostomia - I have a problem with toothpaste and dry mouth. I have severe dry mouth, and resulting?

... mouth sores, due , primarily ,to my taking 3 psych. Meds, for anxiety/depression issues: , Lithium, Sertraline, and Doxepin. I have used various mouth rinses creams lozenges, gels, all to no ...

Posted 3 Apr 2015 0 answers

How long does it take to recover from Fluoxetine side effects?

hi! November 2013 i had an episode of both visual and Auditory hallucinations due to a lot of stress and problems at work. i was put on Olanzapine/Sertraline for a few months. then changed to ...

Posted 22 Mar 2015 1 answer

I have been having stress at work and home. Cant sleep very well and feel agitaded! my doctor?

prescribed me two meds sertraline 5mg and clonazepam25mg! Does this sound right!

Posted 23 Mar 2015 3 answers

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