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Sertraline not doing anything for social anxiety?

Hi everyone. Okay so I got prescribed sertraline 50mg like 2 months ago recently bumped it up to 75mg like 5 days ago because doctor told me to since it's not helping with my social anxiety at ...

Posted 19 May 2015 1 answer

Anxiety and Stress - I recently been diagnosed with depression and anxiety. the doctor prescribed me

... Sertraline 25mg I have been going back and forth about taking it, I don't want to become dependent on a "happy" drug for the rest of my life. So I have a few questions for people ...

Posted 11 Dec 2014 9 answers

Sertraline - vomiting and diarrhea with Zoloft 50 MG?

When does the nausea stop? I'm on 50 MG , at first it was just upset stomach, then progressed to diarrhea and then vomiting. Im on day 4. I started breaking the pill in half so hopefully that ...

Posted 10 Apr 2015 3 answers

Sertraline and loss of appetite?

Hi all. I've been taking 25mg of Sertraline a day for 11 days now. I've always had low appetite but since I've started taking Sertraline, my appetite is nonexistent. Will my ...

Posted 21 May 2015 1 answer

Sertraline - Dejavu everyday?

I've been on star sartaline for a week and everyday feels like dejavu

Posted 19 May 2015 3 answers

From citalopram to sertraline?

hi i am awful at taking meds but a few months ago i was told i had anxiety so was put on citalopram 10mg so easy me on it found my self feeling ok some days n worse on others was having sleeping ...

Posted 15 May 2015 2 answers

Zoloft - Does sertraline make it hard to orgasm?

I have heard sertraline can have a negative affect on being able to orgasm, is this true or does it depend on the person?

Posted 19 Mar 2015 2 answers

Simvastatin 10 mg, sertraline 50mg, oxycodon 15 mg @ baclofen 10mg?

R these medications safe to take together ?

Posted 15 May 2015 1 answer

Sertraline - New here. Need support?

I was in a car accident over 2 months ago and sustained a "minor"?concussion. Shortly after that I started having severe panic attacks, anxiety, obsessive thinking, and depression. My PCP ...

Posted 26 Feb 2015 5 answers

Zoloft - how long should it take for sertraline 100mg to start taking effect?

i started taking sertraline in january for my GAD and OCD scary intrusive thoughts, i have never been on medication before for it but ive had all types of OCD and Anxiety since i can remember, i was ...

Posted 30 Apr 2015 1 answer


Sertraline - What is it like when starting Zoloft?

Hi, I have suffered from anxiety for years... never really believing it was anxiety, but that something else must be wrong. It is so bad that sometimes for weeks I can't eat anything except ...

Posted 2 Apr 2015 3 answers

Hi! I'm on Sertraline and would like some advice!?

This website has been very informative but I just want some feedback on my situation, I don't have anyone in my life to talk to about this! I'm 21 and I have GAD (Generalized Anxiety ...

Posted 6 Oct 2014 3 answers

Side affects - sertraline 50mg?

Hi there, I am curious if anyone has had the same side affects and what are your thoughts? Did you continue with the medication if you have also taken Sertraline? I am concerned as I have had some ...

Posted 1 May 2015 1 answer

Slight exacerbation of anxiety on Pristiq?

I'm on my 4th day of desvenlafaxine (Pristiq) 50 mg by morning, changed from sertraline (5 years). Also I take mirtazapine 30mg (at night) and clonazepam, all it for treating anxiety and ...

Posted 27 Apr 2015 1 answer

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