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I have just been perscribed sertraline tablets for anxiety but am affraid of the side effects?

i go to see a team of people at the hospital at the mental health dept. in 2 weeks i am woundering if i should wait to see them before i start to take the tablets

Posted 9 May 2013 2 answers

Bupropion and setraline is this ok to mix?

I have been taking sertraline now for about 5 years 200mg daily for depression started feeling depressed again and some anxiety so my doctor put me on bupropion 150mg twice daily only been on this ...

Posted 12 Mar 2013 3 answers

Sertraline 50 mg versus Fluoxetine 40 mg?

Was on Sertraline which was ok, but because of no insurance now the cost became prohibitive. Is Fluoxetine 40 mg a fairly comparative drug to go to (I don't want or need an increase in drug), ...

Posted 13 Apr 2013 1 answer

Anyone take Benedryl while on Sertraline?

I have read about a moderate interaction with Benedryl and also alcohol. Anyone have any experience with either item? I always used Benedryl the day I have my hair colored as I am sensitive to the ...

Posted 3 May 2013 1 answer

I came of sertraline instantly without saying to my doctor, having really bad side effects???

The side effects im having are fuzziness not soo much as dizzy, with shock like feeling going from my head all the way down my arms to my hands, mostly only when im on my feet, nausea, tiredness, ...

Posted 19 Mar 2013 4 answers

Sertraline - I can,t loose weight?

Does this keep you from takeing weight off. I walk a lot & eat healthy but I cannot take the weight off. I have gained about 5lbs.

Posted 10 Apr 2013 1 answer

Asenapine sublingual?

Hi :) I am currently going through manic episode & doc wants to adjust medication! :-( I have lowered my sertraline this morning,continued 1mg lorazepam :) & due to start this Asenapine sf ...

Posted 25 Mar 2013 2 answers

Do I need sertraline?? long question but please read?

I started sertraline 4days ago for stress/anxiety. I had my 4th dose last night of 50mg. I am having the worst sleep ever. Im so tired cos of the lack of sleep but after i take it at night my mind is ...

Posted 8 Jan 2013 2 answers

I have been on sertraline for 3 weeks now. (25mg the first 5 days and 50 mg the last 2 weeks). I?

... have awful panic attacks (and I'm taking this for panic disorder!). Chest tightness, short of breath and now it's moved into my stomach (awful nausea). Is this all normal the first ...

Posted 26 Jan 2013 2 answers

I take 1-100mg sertraline in a. M. And 1 quetiapine fumarate 100mg at nite?

I go to sleep easily but I sleep till 10am in the morning. No matter if I go to bed at 9pm or 11pm. Only wake to go to bathroon and rite back to sleep. Should I cut down on the quetiapine?

Posted 14 Jan 2013 1 answer

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