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Anyone takes Seroquel (Quetiapine) 100mg for insomnia for long term and how's the effect?

I want to ask if anyone has been taking Seroquel (Quetiapine) 100 mg for long term insomnia (like more than 2 years). How's the effect? As I have surfed from the web that the sedative power to ...

Posted 8 Dec 2010 5 answers

Is this a lot of meds? Is my bipolar treatment resistant?

I am on 300 mg Wellbutrin, 900 lithium, 100 mg Zoloft, .5 xanax 3 times a day for a new recent episode of panic, anxiety and sometimes take 200-300 mg quetiapine if I can't sleep due to feeling ...

Posted 12 days ago 2 answers

Do I take an increase in dosage or not?

Hi, I am on 75mg of Quetiapine twice a day, suppose to increase it to 100mg twice a day today. been feeling dizzy and tired for 4 hours after taking 75 do I increase it or not, doctor is out of town

Posted 5 days ago 0 answers

Quetiapine - Do you take seroquel during the day to calm anxiety?

I'm currently detoxing from my Ativan/lorazepam and am down to .5 mg for the day and I am also on gabapentin three times a day to help with anxiety/agoraphobia. My psychiatrist told me to take ...

Posted 15 days ago 1 answer

Cipralex and Quetiapine okay together?

Is there any harm in taking 10 mg of Cipralex along with 25 mg of Quetiapine? This is for the treatment of depression in a 65 year old women.

Posted 20 Mar 2015 2 answers

Quetiapine - does the tired feeling during the day get better over time?

I just started taking this medicine. And I'm very tired through out the day. Does this get better over time? Thanks.

Posted 17 Mar 2015 1 answer

I have been on quetiapine for about a month and am having trouble sitting still and am having?

... violent behaviors, like throwing things because I get very frustrated. Has anyone else experienced this. I have not been a violent person and I have not wanted to hurt people but have gotten so ...

Posted 19 Feb 2015 1 answer

I've been taking quetiapine 25mg for 3 months I hate it what are sum ways I can wean off the drug???

It has caused me to loose my spark in my daily life and I'm sleepy most of the time it's just not me

Posted 24 Jan 2015 4 answers

Quetiapine - I have been on Seroquel for about seven years. For the past couple years, I have been?

... taking 600 mg. at night for sleep. I was originally prescribed Seroquel for depression and for insomnia associated with fibromyalgia. A year ago, I moved to another state. I brought a year's ...

Posted 6 Dec 2014 6 answers

Is it safe to take 15mg of Zopiclone and 25mg of Quetiapine in one night?

I just took two Zopiclone and forgot about taking my Quetiapine. Is it dangerous if I were to take it now? Because I know that's more important t be in my system. Also I'm currently ...

Posted 10 Jan 2015 1 answer

Quetiapine - Does this medicine help with PTSD symptoms, like nervousness or stress?

I have been wondering about that, do it help me with nervousness, stress, and flashbacks of talking about the trauma?

Posted 21 Jan 2015 3 answers

Quetiapine - How long does it take the body to adapt to the medication?

Does it take a week or two? I take 120 mg Cymbalta and my doctor added 25 mg two days ago and today I feel like I am in a fog. When I first woke up, I felt drugged and still feel that way 8 hours ...

Posted 18 Dec 2014 4 answers

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