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Solubility of quetiapine fumarate?

which solvent makes quetiapine fumarate completely soluble

Posted 8 hours ago 1 answer

I'm on mirtazapine and serequal -weight gain? Is this increase in hunger, or simply weight gain?

I know both increase weight, but was wondering is that simply an increase in hunger, hence eating more,, or does it mean weight gain regardless of food?

Posted 19 Oct 2014 4 answers

I weight 103 pounds and take 12 1/2 mg. quetiapine a night?

I was off the med for 5 years then had a bad anxiety attack and after three days of this amount, I felt 100% better. I meditate daily now. Hopefully I can once again get off this medication and just ...

Posted 5 Nov 2014 1 answer

Is Quetiapine good for sleep>?

I have nothing else to use tonight for sleep, can I use that?

Posted 29 Sep 2014 3 answers

Does quetiapine work at all well if you have an ileostomy?

I was recently put onto quetiapine because a year ago I was put onto a high dose of Fentanyl which is giving me nasty side4effects with really acute and long lasting anxiety / panic attacks. I also ...

Posted 25 Sep 2014 2 answers

Quetiapine - I stop seroquel and I have been lethargic and dizzy. .how long it will go away? ?

My body is very tired don't want to do nothing even went i was on i read able the side affect and i got panicked do not want to take no more..but the symptoms for not taking it are really ...

Posted 2 Sep 2014 2 answers

I understand that quetiapine (Seroquel) has a reaction with alcohol. But is a very rare beer or?

... glass of wine OK? Or will that cause adverse interactions?

Posted 19 Aug 2014 2 answers

Anyone takes Seroquel (Quetiapine) 100mg for insomnia for long term and how's the effect?

I want to ask if anyone has been taking Seroquel (Quetiapine) 100 mg for long term insomnia (like more than 2 years). How's the effect? As I have surfed from the web that the sedative power to ...

Posted 8 Dec 2010 5 answers

Any differences between seroquel vs quetiapine?

I have been on seroquel for 16 yrs for bipolar. Now that there is a generic, my insurance wont pay for seroquel. Has anyone noticed a difference since they switched to the generic?

Posted 16 May 2014 2 answers

I found some pills in my sons room?

Quetiapine fumarate 100 mg will it hurt my son if he has been taking them

Posted 24 May 2014 1 answer

Does seroquel makes me get anxiety or more angry or more sensitive? I took first half tablet and?

... now 1 tablet from seroquel quetiapine 200mg Am using it from 3 weeks ago

Posted 19 Dec 2013 5 answers

Can I begin to come off quetiapine at any time?

My doctor has made me think that I must stay on quetiapine for at least 6 months once I have started on it ,is this true?

Posted 27 Apr 2014 3 answers

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