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Feeling pregnant on birth control?

I've been on ocella / syeda birth control pills for about two years now (December 2013) and have always taken my pills fairly consistently everyday. After I had tried to skip placebo pills in ...

Posted 29 Jul 2015 1 answer

NuvaRing - Was on ocella then switched to nuva ring, when do I remove?

I was taking ocella (birth control pill) for 8 days and I wanted to start the nuva ring my gynecologist said to stop the pill and insert the ring on the 9th day, should I take out the ring on the ...

Posted 29 Jul 2015 2 answers

Skipped my placebo pills and went straight to new pack of active pills?

I've been on the birth control pill Ocella since December of 2013. I take it farily consistently at 3:30pm every afternoon. Since last Wednesday (5/13) I have been spotting, light brown ...

Posted 20 May 2015 1 answer

Skipped placebo last month, had non-stop bleeding, now am taking placebos?

After I skipped my placebo pills last month on Ocella birth control and continued taking the next pack, I've had non-stop bleeding for over 3 weeks. I was also spotting before I had even skipped ...

Posted 9 Jun 2015 2 answers

I am currently taking Ocella. I always take it at night. I still had a week of active pills before?

... beginning my placebo week, I fell asleep before taking my pill one night, but took it first thing the next morning. Then, later that day I started bleeding as if starting my menstrual period. ...

Posted 27 May 2015 1 answer

Is heavy bleeding normal for the first 2 weeks of starting Ocella?

I have taken Ocella in the past (though not for three years due to our health insurance change.) I recently started taking Ocella after a normal Pap on the first day of my period, August 12th. On ...

Posted 29 Aug 2014 2 answers

Not Getting Periods Back after Stopping Ocella!!?

I am unable to get back my periods after 1 month of quitting Ocella??we are trying to conceive!! I have been on ocella for almost 3-31/2 yrs after my son was born!!and now i am worried,why isnt my ...

Posted 3 Dec 2014 2 answers

Unprotected intercourse on first month of ocella?

I'm 3 days from inactive pills, this is my first pack will I be okay or should I get a back up form of contraceptive?

Posted 19 Jul 2014 1 answer


I recently switched from Ocella to Tri-Sprintec. I am on the fourth inactive pill and haven't?

... started my period yet. My boyfriend and I have unprotected sex. I had cramps for one day, vaginal discharge, and tender breasts, but no bleeding. Is that normal, and could I be pregnant?

Posted 25 Jun 2014 1 answer

I have been taking Ocella for a year and?

I recently just had almost sex with my boyfriend. He was inside of me for less than a minute, and he pulled out of me when he came. I felt the semen on my body and it was on the seat, I don't ...

Posted 27 Jan 2014 1 answer

I need help?

About a week ago my boyfriend and I were messing around. He pulled out in time (about 98% sure). BUT, I was wondering if he didn't pull out in time, and a little semen got in, could I become ...

Posted 5 Feb 2014 1 answer

Ocella-i just had a period on x-mas,i stopped my pills that weekend...week of new years Im bleeding?

... again..was that my period for Janury? Or am i late? I did have sex between these dates... i dont have regular periods,so i really need help with this question

Posted 29 Jan 2014 0 answers

Birth Control Question?

I moved earlier this year and the pharmacy had problems refilling my prescription. I was unable to start my new pack of ocella on time and my doctor said I needed to wait until my period began again. ...

Posted 28 Sep 2013 2 answers

If I'm takin ocella and divalproex sodium can I still get pregnant?

I've been experiencin a lot of the pregnancy symptoms however, took a hpt and it comes back negative

Posted 24 Sep 2013 1 answer

My pharmacy switched my birth control from Ocella to Emoquette without telling me?

I have given it a try for a week and am feeling awful both mentally and physically. I know it takes time for your body to get used to a different birth control, but i don't think I can take this ...

Posted 12 Mar 2013 2 answers

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