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Health Tip: When Your Child Is Scared of the Dark

Posted 13 Aug 2013 by

-- If your child is afraid of the dark, you can take steps to ease the fears and help your little one feel comfortable. The Cleveland Clinic suggests how to help comfort the child: Talk to the child about these fears, and ask what he or she is afraid of. Reassure the child that he or she is perfectly safe. Explain to your child that mythical creatures are not real. Comfort your child in his or her own bed, rather than bringing the child into your bed. Make sure the pre-bedtime routine is light and happy, without any frightening books or movies. Let your child have security items and a nightlight for comfort, and reward your child with small treats and plenty of praise. Read more

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Health Tip: What is a Night Terror?

Posted 30 Dec 2011 by

-- A night terror may cause a child to wake up sweating and screaming, and parents might think their child is having a "super" nightmare. But a night terror is different from a nightmare, the Nemours Foundation says. It occurs while the child is in a deep sleep, and the child usually has no recollection of what caused the sudden outbreak of fear. Night terrors are rare, affecting only 3 percent to 6 percent of children, the foundation says. It says common triggers of night terrors include: Having a family member who had night terrors. Having an immature central nervous system. Being stressed out or over-tired. Having a change in sleep environment, such as when spending the night away from home. Being on a new medication. Read more

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