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I have been taking 3, 2mg loperimide tablets a week for about 2 yrs?

I suffer with multiple sclerosis and ibs and I use this medication to control the urgency I suffer with when it comes to bowel movements. Is this doing me any harm?

Posted 23 Feb 2014 1 answer

My mother has severe diarrhea & malabsorption since taking Afinitor. How can this be best treated?

My mother is 73 years old with well controlled DM & HT. Metastatic CA breast disease progression has markedly slowed down with Afinitor since 9 monthes. However, this diarrhea is disabeling & ...

Posted 14 Feb 2014 1 answer

Loperamide - I had colon cancer surgery in 1995. They took out my large intestine and made a j pouch

Loperamide - I had colon cancer surgery in 1995. They took out my large intestine and made a j pouch with my small intestine. I’ve been using these ever since because it is the only brand that ...

Posted 31 Dec 2013 3 answers

Need non-anticholinergic IBS med. Can't be 4 constipation. Problem with High Risk Cognitive Toxicity

Due to multiple meds and anti cholinergic drugs i.e Dicyclomine, Loperamide, bentyl, benydril; I am afraid of High Risk Cognitive Toxicity as I am taking Donepezil for memory and am looking for a ...

Posted 10 Jan 2014 0 answers

Loperamide - is there a urine test or blood test to find abuse of drug?

I know one who has abused loperamide is there any test to determine if it has been taken... doses were of about 300 mg daily

Posted 8 Oct 2013 1 answer

Ive taken Loperamide for a week for Vicodin WDs and it works I wish I would have been smart and had?

... a plan before I just started taking them because I do not want to take them for a long time nor do I want to take high doses.I see all kinds of people saying they have terrible WDs from them but ...

Posted 9 Dec 2012 1 answer

In Mexico I bought Lomotil with only one ingredient of loperamide hydrochloride?

In looking online I could not find Lomotil with loperamide hydrochloride but a completely different ingredient. Is it possible that this is not what is actually in the package?

Posted 8 Mar 2012 1 answer

Does it prevent the cramping associated with IBS?

Sorry did not make question clear, have had IBS for about 10 years, is worse when under stress, I am now taking dicyclomin which does stop the cramping associated with IBS, my insurance has notified ...

Posted 8 Oct 2011 1 answer

Kaopectate Caplet - My son takes 2x Loperamide 2 mg capsules 4 times a day for short bowel syndrome?

... What volume of plain water would be classified as excess? He is 34 years old and also have spinal injuries. TA

Posted 24 Nov 2010 1 answer

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