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Is lantus in a vial less expensive than a pen?

I can not afford the pen.

Posted 4 Feb 2014 1 answer

Lantus Solostar Pen - how do I refill the cartridge?

i have a Lantus SoloSTAR pen, I just finished my first cartridge an need to replace with a new cartridge, how do i refill the cartridge in my pen

Posted 21 Oct 2013 0 answers

Lantus Solostar Pens?

... I use the Lantus Solostar Pens for approximately two years and I am pleased with the ease and? effectiveness of the Insulin delivery. Recently, I applied for the Lantus Patient Assistance Program ...

Posted 27 Dec 2013 1 answer

Can stomach pain be a side effects of Lantus Insulin? I also have dizziness?

I have stomach pain at the lower left side. I also have dizziness. Could both of symptoms due to Lantus Insuli??? Thanks

Posted 19 Dec 2013 1 answer

Trying to find out what would be the best drug to take?

had rec cancer, had to stop taking metmorin , making bowl too lose, dr suggested taking Janovia or Lantus , which is a less cancer risk for some one that has had cancer?

Posted 11 Feb 2014 1 answer

Iam type 2 diabetic also stage 4 kidney failure what diabetic drugs are safe for me?

have recantly been put on lantus 10 units but not helping i have always controlled my diabetes with diet so only lately neede insulin but ind it does'nt do anything for my levels

Posted 16 Jan 2014 1 answer

Is there any discounts for the purchase of a prescription for Lantus Insulin in Canada?

I have just turned 65 in September 2013. Now the Government says that because our combined income is over $23,000 we do not qualify for the supplement.

Posted 21 Jan 2014 1 answer

Hi- I am type 2 diabetic, have been taking lantus solostar for over a year and it just isn't?

... working. My doctor has had me on 12 units a bedtime, along with oral meds daily. Glucose are up in the 400s, doctor is yelling at me to get them under control and I have been doing everything I ...

Posted 1 Dec 2012 6 answers

Is victoza better then byatta or Lantus?

I take metorinmen and gybide and Lantus shot.and it dosn't seem to work.Would Victoza work for me.My blood sugars still run from 140-310 sometimes higher.My a1c is 9 I just cant get it down or ...

Posted 6 Nov 2013 1 answer

Lantus Solostar Pen - Im taking 1000mg metformin in the mourning and at nighht and the doctor put me

... on the lantus pen 10mg at bedtime my question is im afraid the my sugar may drop while im sleeping and i wont wake to try to correct this could i die if it drops to low and i dont wake up ?

Posted 27 Sep 2013 1 answer

Is there any insulin with out sulfa, sulfides or sulfer?

I am on Lantus and having problems. Swollen legs, feet, arms, and hands. Also have rash on my legs and arms. Any input would help. Thank you. Mike

Posted 18 Sep 2013 2 answers

Simvastatin - Can Simvastain cause low blood sugar if you are taking Metformin (500mg twice a day)?

... and Lantus (20 units once a day) for diabetes?

Posted 29 Aug 2013 1 answer

My husband has been taken lantus for 3 months and is extremely sleepy and has excessive dreaming.he?

takes more medications along with it. Any thoughts on this its over whelming for him.

Posted 16 Oct 2013 4 answers

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