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Why does my hand, little finger feel numb?

I had my first epilepsy fit 5 days ago, I am 55 and notice my little fingers in both hands feel numb. It feels like if i just had pins and needles I am on keppra 250MG twice a day,is this normal, I ...

Posted 18 days ago 0 answers

How long will I have to take Keppra after craniotomy for benign meningioma ?

I had a seizure and collapsed. They found a brain tumour in the hospital. I had surgery to remove a benign meningioma from the frontal lobe. The operation was ten weeks ago. I am taking 500mg Keppra ...

Posted 17 Jan 2016 0 answers

Keppra xr and lamotrigine?

my son took a double dose of his seizure meds this morning. Is there anything to worry about

Posted 10 Dec 2015 1 answer

Are there side effects after going off keppra? do they decrease the dose and then stop?

My daughter suffered head trauma from a fall, she never had a physical seizure, but her EEG showed some abnormality and they put her on Keppra as a precaution. She has been on it almost a year but ...

Posted 30 Jan 2012 1 answer

Is Keppra known for reacting when paired with other anti-seizure medications?

my current medication is controlling my tonic-clonic seizures however the medication can't control my partial seizures. because of this my doctor wanted to add another medication, he gave me a ...

Posted 17 Nov 2015 1 answer


My Mom has been drinking Keppra for 4 yrs. Now gets shortness of breath?

She gets tremors and I want to know how to counteract till she gets to her neurologist.

Posted 3 Dec 2015 0 answers

Is generic keppra 250mg a different colour to keppra original?

how do I know whether I have been given the generic version, a new pharmacist so I don't want tioask him.

Posted 27 Nov 2015 1 answer

Keppra side effects: hair loss?

My 17 year-old son has been on Keppra for about a year to treat partial seizures. The treatment seems to have improved his general condition - no more seizures to date - but, although he does not ...

Posted 13 Oct 2015 1 answer

The effect's of Keppra on a fetus and or a new born baby?

I did not know I was pregnant till I was 12 weeks I was taking 750 milligrams of keppra twice a day my neurologist had told me they did not know the effects of this medication on the fetus other than ...

Posted 9 Oct 2015 1 answer


What size bottles does keppra come in ? should you stick to the same size bottle?

should the pharmacist replace 2 large bottles for adults with 4 bottles for babies saying the contents are the same?

Posted 4 Sep 2015 1 answer

If a dr doesn't answer phone calls about serious side effects, should I stop taking the medication?

I started taking Keppra (levetiracetam) four days ago. In that time, I've had 6 side effects marked 'call your doctor immediately' (chest pain, lightheadedness, trouble breathing, ...

Posted 29 Jul 2015 5 answers

Keppra XR - Can Keppra be used for severe back and sciatica pain ???

I have been diagnosed with scoliosis and sciatica caused by arthritis, sometimes very severe pain. Would this medication be helpful for my pain???

Posted 15 Aug 2015 0 answers

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