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I took one Imodium multi-symptom tablet, and the next day I couldn't use the restroom, is this?

... normal? I know it's supposed to relieve diarrhea, but how long does the effect last?

Posted 26 Oct 2011 2 answers

Can I take alcohol while on Imodium dose?

I took one capsule of Imodium even hours ago. Can I take alcohol now?

Posted 25 Aug 2013 1 answer

Traveler's Diarrhea - how much time need to pass after to take kaopetate to change at imodium?

after one day of take kaopetate my last dose was at 9pm for diarrea, I would like to know if I change to imodium can not interact?

Posted 1 Dec 2013 1 answer

Neurontin and Imodium for wd's Withdrawal from opiates, Help Hints?

Just wondering if anyone else has had success with symptoms of withdrawals using larger doses of Gabapentin/nuerontin and large doses of Imodium. It has helped me considerably and I'd like to ...

Posted 16 Feb 2012 4 answers

Can I take imodium before playing hockey?

I've been having diarrhea all day and have a hockey game tonight. I was wondering if it was ok to take a pill before playing to avoid having to get off the ice?

Posted 4 Sep 2013 1 answer

Lapatinib - Long term side effects?

Imodium no longer controls diarrhea and stomach cramps. Are there other options?

Posted 30 May 2013 0 answers

Atropine/Diphenoxylate - can the taking of this drug cause swelling in the legs?

I have taken the drug for only three days and have swollen knees lower legs and ankles, I do suffer from athrities and because of having accute diorrea for six days and had been taking imodium before ...

Posted 8 Feb 2013 0 answers

I have been on Bosulif for 2 weeks now, the diarrhea is so severe, I am thinking of quitting?

I have tried Imodium which helps with the diarrhea, but puts me into the opposite with constipation. Trying to find a happy medium. In the mean time trying to deal with, pain, swelling and bleeding. ...

Posted 31 Oct 2012 3 answers

Headaches & heart palpitations has anyone had this coming off of norco pain meds?

It's been 4 days without my pain meds. I have been taking Imodium,excedrin for migraines and klonopin. Still feel pretty bad. No energy. I have been getting heart flutters through out the day. ...

Posted 9 Apr 2012 4 answers

Does anyone get help from taking Bentyl for Irritable bowel Syndrome?

I have to take other medicines(Viibryd for one) and migraine meds also and I was questioning whether Bentyl helps with loose bowels in the morning..I need Imodium right now in the AM but maybe I can ...

Posted 31 Jan 2012 1 answer

Does Imodium interact with Viibryd.I have some loose bowels only in the morning?

Is it OK to takie Imodium for Diarrhea from Viibryd?I have Irritable Bowel Syndrome and was taking small doses of Imodium for that before I started Viibryd.

Posted 14 Oct 2011 1 answer

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