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How do I get percoset instead of vicodin?

i dont want vicodin cuz its never strong enough and it makes me sick to my stomach but when i tell them that they put me on somethin like ibuprofen 800.. i want something that will work

Posted 22 Aug 2011 4 answers

How often can I take 2 tab of 200mg Ibuprofen?say every 4 hours? I am 62 yr old male?

i like to take every 4 hours the 2 tab of 200 mg of ubuprofen for my pain in bladder

Posted 10 Aug 2012 2 answers

Is it safe to take ibuprofen with Oxycodone/ APAP?

I was given ibuprofen with a schedule with it I was given oxycodone/ APAP in the case of mild to moderate pains. Is it safe to take the OXY within a 6hour intake of the ibuprofen?

Posted 25 Mar 2011 2 answers

Can ibuprofen cause an allergic reaction?

Last yr something similar happened 2 my grson, now again?My grandson had a fever Friday evening and I gave him ibuprofen. In the morning he awoke with a swollen lip. He ate and drank fine until ...

Posted 16 Jul 2012 1 answer

What is the difference between Meloxicam and Ibuprofen?

Aren't they both anti-inflammatory drugs? What is the difference?

Posted 12 Apr 2013 2 answers

I am a Miagrainge suffer and have been taking Hydrocodone Bit-Ibuprofen every 12 hrs regularly?

lately I have suffered from mood swings and depression more and more I was at first prescribed this as needed but my wife felt it good since my miagranes came more often I have had strokes and am ...

Posted 30 Mar 2014 3 answers

My doctor prescribed me 800 mg tablets of ibuprofen to take 3 times daily, can I take that much?

I'm 18, 120 lbs, so I'm small. I'm concerned that 2400mg/day is too much for someone my size. I have a sinus infection that is causing my face to swell and giving me headaches so that ...

Posted 25 Mar 2014 2 answers

Been taking Otomize & 2 painkillers for 4 days, shouldn't my ear infection be feeling a bit better?

Been to my doctor and been told i have an outer ear canal infection, he's given me otomize spray. 4 days into a 7 day course i'm not feeling any better and i'm still in pain even ...

Posted 16 days ago 1 answer

Allegra - took three alegra by accident should I see a doctor?

took 3 allegra at one time thinking it was ibuprofen allegra180mghci

Posted 29 Mar 2014 1 answer

Any experience with use of Meloxicam in patients who have had gastric bypass?

Am considering gastric bypass surgery. Have had good control of my osteoarthritis with twice daily ibuprofen for many years. Osteoarthritis is rampant in my family and I've had joint replacement ...

Posted 15 days ago 0 answers

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