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Hyperhidrosis Questions

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Paxil CR - is paroxetine cr 12.5mg used for menopause- night sweats?

I was using brisdelle 7.5mg but too expensive-insurance company suggested the generic paroxetine cr 12.5 I'm concerned about this

Posted 28 Oct 2015 2 answers

My son is using Xerac AC for sweating. Between once a week doses can you use deoderant?

The instructions say don't use deodorant while using product but I can't imagine not using deodorant for a week. So does that mean don't use together or not at all?

Posted 3 Nov 2015 0 answers

Clarithromycin - Cough even worse? Night sweating?

I started eat Clarithomycin for bronchitis for 7days, twice a day. Before I hadn't any cattarh and my cough was little, only difficult breathing. After 4 days the cough is worse, big sore ...

Posted 13 Sep 2015 0 answers

Hyperthyroid diagnosed, doctor prescribed me nothing, symptoms ruin my school?

Hello, I was diagnosed with hyperthyroid and high blood pressure this week becouse I had strong symptoms of sweating and shivering (lost the last 3 highschools becouse of it, so it´s important ...

Posted 18 Oct 2015 0 answers

Zofran - how long does it takr got zogtan to leave your system I a, haveing bad side affects?

Heart rate sweats chills cant sleep shakeing throwing up mucus in diarea

Posted 29 Sep 2015 4 answers

Does anyone else get the same symptoms as speed on tramodol?

have been taking tramadol for a week now and am having the same symptoms as if i were on speed, loss of appetite, happiness, slight confussion, have to think harder, loads of energy, sweating, most ...

Posted 10 Mar 2013 6 answers

Excess sweating of head and face?

Please can you help I have excess sweating of my head and face, it gets so bad that it drips off my hair and it is very embarrassing I have read that Lecithin capsules and Sage tea can help with ...

Posted 13 Oct 2015 0 answers

I am 79 and seems after I take my thyroxine tabs I get hot sweats?

so am I taking too much, I take 100mc my tan was 19

Posted 5 Oct 2015 0 answers

Pantoprazole - Do other meds effect on pantaprazole or vice versa?

Does pantaprazole increase back pain, either by a direct effect or by lowering the effect of other pain meds: Tramiinol, Gabapentin, Baclofin? ED

Posted 11 Sep 2015 1 answer

Estradiol - During a few days of the month my estrogen patch seems to NOT work...I've even tried?

... extra patches and still have hot flashes and nite sweats. .any thoughts?

Posted 21 Sep 2015 0 answers

I've been dealing with sweating profusely. Can paroxetine cause this?

I sweet profusely. I can be sitting doing nothing and I break out in a sweat. I also notice it when I am eating. Can this be a cause of Paroxetine?

Posted 17 Sep 2015 0 answers

I have been on 600mg of lyrica for a week now and feel quite unwell with tiredness, cold sweats?

... which leave me feeling clammy to the touch and profuse sweating and a general feeling of being unwell. will this go off if so when? I was on 400mg for 2 years prior to this increase for pain

Posted 23 Aug 2015 2 answers

Is there anything that can be done for someone who suffered from sever frostbite as a young adult?

My father was in WWII and suffered frostbite when he was 18 years old. He is now 91 years old and feels cold all of the time. He can be wrapped in a blanket, sweating and he still feels cold.

Posted 31 Aug 2015 2 answers

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