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Health Tip: Coping With Itching During Pregnancy

Posted 1 Mar 2013 by

-- Hormones can trigger many pregnancy discomforts, including itching on the belly, palms of the hands and soles of the feet. The website lists these suggestions to help ease itching during pregnancy: Wash skin with a mild, gentle cleanser. Moisturize with a rich moisturizing cream. Make sure the water in your bath or shower isn't too hot. Don't wear fabrics that are itchy. See your doctor if you don't see improvement after a week of using these treatments. Read more

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Summer's Heat May Enflame Hives

Posted 30 May 2012 by

WEDNESDAY, May 30 – Nearly one in four people develops hives at some time or another, and they can be triggered by hot summer weather. Hives are itchy, red or white bumps, welts or patches on the skin. The condition can be acute or chronic, according to the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology. Acute hives, which can last less than a day or up to six weeks, are likely a reaction caused by contact with an allergen such as food, animal dander, insect bite, pollen or latex. Other possible triggers included medications, heat, stress, exercise, chemicals or viral infection. The academy says you should consult with your doctor to identify the cause of acute hives. Most people with chronic hives have symptoms that last longer than a year. Allergies cause only a small percentage of chronic hives. In most cases of chronic hives, the exact cause can't be identified. This means that ... Read more

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Over-the-Counter Bug Bite Remedies Don't Work: Report

Posted 12 Apr 2012 by

THURSDAY, April 12 – A new report says there is little evidence that over-the-counter insect bite remedies actually work. In addition, most reactions to insect bites are mild and don't require any treatment, according to the evidence review in the April issue of the British journal Drug and Therapeutics Bulletin. When insects such as mosquitoes bite a person, the saliva they inject can cause a reaction. In a few cases, this can lead to infection, an eczema flare-up or even anaphylactic shock. But most insect bites cause only a mild reaction involving itching, pain and swelling, as well as secondary problems caused by scratching the bite. Many over-the-counter products are used to treat these issues. Antihistamines are widely recommended to ease insect-bite-related itching, but there's no proof that this is effective. That's also the case for steroid creams and tablets to treat itching ... Read more

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Health Tip: When Exercise Causes Hives

Posted 11 Oct 2011 by

-- When some people exercise, they may break out in raised, itchy bumps and have other allergy symptoms during or just after activity. "Exercise-induced urticaria" is the medical term for this outbreak of hives. The American Academy of Family Physicians says warning signs of the condition may include: Itchy, bumpy skin that becomes flushed or red. A feeling of choking or having difficulty breathing. Stomach cramps. Headache. Swelling affecting the hands, face or tongue. Read more

Related support groups: Hives, Urticaria

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