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Taking Fluoxetine (generic Prozac) at night instead of the morning?

Okay, another thing I'm contemplating is trying to take my Fluoxetine at night instead of the morning. I did this also when I was taking Cipralex (a.k.a. Lexapro/escitalopram) and it worked ...

Posted 16 Feb 2013 6 answers

I need help! I am on fluoxetine is there a pill I can take which will increase my sex drive ?

Ok so im 18 , Ive been suffering with bad depression, my sex life is almost non existent, i was started on Fluoxetine 20mg today and all i keep hearing is that it completely wipes out your sex drive, ...

Posted 12 Nov 2012 8 answers

Help with lack of sleep whilst taking fluoxetine?

my 19 year old sone waking at 2am ever day and feeling and this last week is being sick . is this nornal side effect? he has been on tablets five weeks and really needs sleep through night.

Posted 14 Mar 2013 3 answers

What is you accidently take too much?

I took a double dose of fluoxetine by mistake. What should I do?

Posted 5 days ago 1 answer

Do I continue to take my medications or will it hurt to take them while going through a surgery?

81mg. Aspirin 1pd 25mg. Topiramate 2pd headaches 10mg. Fluoxetine 1pd mood 50mg. Losartan 1pd. BP

Posted 28 Sep 2014 4 answers

Can a diabetes patient take fluoxetine?

patient also has taken other diabetes medicine.

Posted 5 Oct 2014 1 answer

13days on fluoxetine 10mg?

Can't seem to function well drowsy and fatigue plus it messes my functionality at work... it did reduced my xanax down to .25m from 1mg... lol... now i stopped taking prozac because of the side ...

Posted 11 Sep 2014 1 answer

Prozac - CFS/Anxiety/Depression...are the side effects normal and when will they go away?!?

I have started taking 10mg Luvox (Fluoxetine/Prozac) 4days ago and yesterday took an extra 5mg as the doc eventually wants me on 20 mg. I have taken this medication before but lost 6kgs in 6wks and ...

Posted 2 Sep 2014 1 answer

If I take fluoxitine, and levothyroxin, what cold meds can I take?

Cold and flu meds safe to take with out inteaction.

Posted 30 Aug 2014 2 answers

I have been away and forgot my fluoxetine for 10 days should I just stay off of them?

I have been taking them for 3 or 4 months

Posted 3 Sep 2014 1 answer

Fluoxetine - Has anyone experienced any problems when taking prozac with risperidone?

I'm on 60mg prozac and 3 mg risperidone, I noticed there is a warning on this combination, anyone had any problems with it?

Posted 25 Aug 2014 0 answers

Fluoxetine - Going from Lexapro to Fluoxtine what can I expect?

Was having real problems with Lexapro 10 mg.Burning sensation under skin.I felt like i was traped between two worlds nothing seemed real have trouble staying awake.I am tired all the time This all ...

Posted 12 Aug 2014 0 answers

Just started taking 2 mg abilify; also taking 40 mg citalopram, 60 mg fluoxetine, 3.125 carvedilol?

20 mg pravastatin, 40 mg pantoprazole sodium delayed release tabs and have l mg clonazepam, if needed. It is okay to take the abilify and citalopram before bedtime? I find the abilify makes me very ...

Posted 19 Jul 2014 1 answer

Adderall and prozac combined?

... most of the time, and just stayed to myself! He prescribed me Fluoxetine (prozac) 20mg once a day and vyvance 30mg once a day. I took both of these every morning along with introvale birth ...

Posted 3 Apr 2014 1 answer

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