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My mother has been put on flecainide, 2 x 100mg dose, the doctor has advised her these drugs will?

... prevent a heart attack but if she did have a heart attack she couldnt be resusitated - can anyone advise me why this would be as she is very worried ? thanks

Posted 26 Mar 2014 1 answer

Why cant you be resuscitated if taking flecainide?

Im not a doctor and have little understanding of this drug, my 63 yr old mother was put on this drug by her heart consultant to stop her "heart flutters", which only started 6 weeks ago ...

Posted 26 Mar 2014 0 answers

Is Flecainide a beta blocker?

Posted 7 Feb 2014 1 answer

For how long, has anybody taken Flecainide?

I have been taking flecainide 50mg x2 daily for Afib. along with metoprolol and aspirin. Have been taking it now for a little over three years. Have not had any further outbreaks of Afib! However I ...

Posted 26 Sep 2012 4 answers

Anybody concerned about their memory since starting Flecanide regularly?

Having been diagnosed with AF around 7 years ago (I am presently 52) I was prescribed Flecanide as a 'pill in the pocket' however I started on it as 2 x 100 mg daily six months ago as my AF ...

Posted 9 Jan 2013 1 answer

I am on Flecainide, What antibiotics are safe? My PCP prescribed a ZPAK and I couldn't take it?

I can find much about what not to take, but does anyone know some safe ones?

Posted 16 Nov 2012 2 answers

Does anybody on Flecainide have weird dreams?

It seems like since I started taking it I cannot sleepand have weird dreams.

Posted 16 Oct 2012 3 answers

Flecainide - Resting heart rate 60-70 standing 120?

I was in hospital for 4 days following an episode of AF they ran test to see if I made a good canidate for flecanide 50mg twice a day. still have occasion skiped beat now and then but all is good ...

Posted 18 May 2012 1 answer

I've been on Flecainide 50 mg. twice a day, for a month now. I'm also on Lisenipril 20 mg. one time?

a day for high blood pressure. My question is; do side effects usually occur within the first couple of days of taking a new medication, or does the drug have to build up in your system before you ...

Posted 31 May 2012 1 answer

On a new medication: Flecainide?

I have WPW, or as I recently found out, Supraventricular Tachycardia. I was in the hospital for 3 days. I've had this for 40+ years and was on Quinidine and Metaprolol until I stopped taking it ...

Posted 8 May 2012 2 answers

Is the combination of Flecainide & Tenormin better than Flecainide & Digoxin?

I have lone A-Fib. Have had ablation 4 yrs ago. A-Fib episodes have returned (started with epinephrine during surgery.) I have not been on routine meds for A-Fib until recently. My Cardiologist put ...

Posted 11 May 2012 0 answers

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