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Hi everyone,I am new to the group, Anyway a year ago I started taking errin and it worked wonderful?

... normal periods every month. I had to switch providers and was off of them for a week and a half, started them again got my period on time, but now it won't stop! is this normal after I took ...

Posted 5 Dec 2015 0 answers

Been errin for about 3 weeks or longer and have acne. Anyone else with this issue?

I have been on the pill for about 4 years, that's how old my youngest is. I started with Nora B and loved it. No changes to worry about then my insurance changed me to Errin almost a month ago, ...

Posted 23 Nov 2015 0 answers

Taking Errin mini pill, late period?

31 f with no children. I have been taking Errin mini pill for approximately 9 months and have never missed a pill nor have I taken one late. ( I have been on hormonal birth control for 15 years) We ...

Posted 3 Aug 2015 1 answer

Should I be getting my period on Errin?

I have been taking Errin for about 4-5 months, I bleed in the beginning but for the past 2-3 months i havent and recently I started to again. Am I supposed ti be getting my period on the pill at all?

Posted 2 Aug 2015 0 answers

Errin - I started my period on may 4th , got my Merina out on the 6th and just stopped bleeding?

... yesterday on the 16th. should I start my pills today or do I have to wait for my next cycle?

Posted 17 May 2015 1 answer

Has anyone experienced side effects months after taking Errin?

I started taking Errin when my son was born 9 months ago because I was breastfeeding and about 3 months ago I started getting my period regularly and then started getting dizzy spells, getting ...

Posted 20 Mar 2015 1 answer

Errin - my period came on my last 9 days into my pack?

do I continue pack or wait for period to end and start new one?

Posted 21 Mar 2015 1 answer

I started Errin at the end of Nov, I'm on my second pack with no period, but I have tender breast?

... and nipples, should I be worried?

Posted 1 Jan 2015 1 answer

I started errin birth control more than a month and a half ago and only bled the first two days?

of my first packet, its been more than 45 days since i got a "period." I was on a regular birth control before I made the switch and skipped over my sugar pills so I didn't get a ...

Posted 30 Oct 2014 1 answer

I accidentally started my pill pack on the 4th week not the 1st?

Will this mess the pill up or no because they are all active .35?

Posted 4 Sep 2014 1 answer

So I had my son in March 2014 and I started taking Errin and havin sex with my husband in May. For?

... the first two months taking it I had a period every two weeks. First a like seven day long period and it was shorter to even two days. Now i am on week two of the third pack and no period for a ...

Posted 16 Jul 2014 1 answer

Errin - I lost my pack halfway through and started a new pack right away from the beginning?

Illstmy pack of pills about two weks into the pack i immediately got a refill and started the new pack from day one. i got my period early and atrributed it to beginning a new pack but now that i am ...

Posted 22 May 2014 1 answer

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