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Side effects of donepezil versus galantamine?

My mother is taking donepezil 10 mg daily and has developed flu-like symptoms and a permanently runny nose. The doctors agree they could be side effects of donepezil and have recommended galantamine ...

Posted 28 Oct 2014 0 answers

Is there any "danger" in taking 10 mg. of donepezil TWICE a day ?

My wife started with 5 mg. for several months, then up to 10mg. for about the last 6 months. Now the doctor has increased it to 10mg. twice a day. Typical or not often done??

Posted 25 Aug 2014 1 answer

RE: Donepezil Hydrocholoride- treats alheimers and dementia?

What other benefits does Donepezil have other than treating demetia? Found about 6 of these little pills in my daily once per day pill box. Did not look familiar to me. Jan 2014 hospitalized with ...

Posted 2 Sep 2014 1 answer

Are there any drugs that would cause a person to develop a body smell?

The drugs in question are atenolol, donepezil, fenofibrate, mirtazapine, pravastatin, torsemide, ocuvite. Or possibly a combination of these?

Posted 28 Jun 2014 1 answer

Is it a all natural substitute for donepezil?

Posted 12 Jun 2014 1 answer

My mom has never been diagnosed with Dementia or Alheimers, why would a doctor put her on Donepezil?

She is experiencing side effects, sleepiness, stomach cramps, leg cramps, dizziness, etc... can she be put on a different medication for memory?

Posted 2 Apr 2014 1 answer

Can donepezil 5 / 10mg tablets be crushed?

Some PI do not address this , some state do not crush , why the insconsistancy ? Film coated tablet

Posted 5 Nov 2013 1 answer

Need non-anticholinergic IBS med. Can't be 4 constipation. Problem with High Risk Cognitive Toxicity

Due to multiple meds and anti cholinergic drugs i.e Dicyclomine, Loperamide, bentyl, benydril; I am afraid of High Risk Cognitive Toxicity as I am taking Donepezil for memory and am looking for a ...

Posted 10 Jan 2014 0 answers

After taking donepezil 10 mg 4 days I stared having nightmares each night. I awake scared, exhauste?

I never had nightmares before. The medicine was prescribed by neurologist as a possible benefit for short term memory loss as a result of a stroke. I do not have dementia or Alzheimers. I have never ...

Posted 31 Dec 2013 1 answer

Donepezil - My husbands dr. put him on 10 mg to start. should he started with a lower dosage?

This medication seems to have made him a little worse. its been only 10 days

Posted 21 Sep 2013 2 answers

Aricept - Do you need to be weaned from taking donepezil?

Having several side effects, weight loss, loss of appetite, diarrhea, depression, muscle cramps, etc.

Posted 11 Aug 2011 1 answer

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