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Clomipramine long term effectiveness?

Hey my is Darren need a bit of help ‚Äči suffer from severe OCD ANXIETY & SLEEP PHOBIA ‚ÄčIve been going through a tough time lately making myself anxious over worrying about sex and arriving to so ...

Posted 27 Mar 2016 1 answer

Why has Anafranil (Clomipramine) stopped being made?

After being on this drug for 35 years, I cannot cope with anything else. They were the right drug for me, and I now feel my life will go back to how it was before taking them. Please reply.

Posted 17 Dec 2015 2 answers

Clomipramine - Is anyone having the problem side effect of an insatiable appetite?

Due to taking clomipramine? I have gained 13 pounds in 2-3 months.I am on 300 mg and it is saving me.

Posted 3 Sep 2015 1 answer

My wife is on zoloft for a few years without results I just found out about clomipramine?

Does a person have to be off of an ssri treatment to start a clomipramine treatment?

Posted 28 Aug 2015 1 answer

Clomipramine - Anafranil and children??

My 10 old daughter has now been admitted twice for suicidal thoughts. She's been on Prozac but they want to add risperdal, which I declined bc she's been on before. I was thinking about ...

Posted 3 Aug 2015 3 answers

HELP NEEDED - Clomipramine?

hello all! i have been on Clomipramine for about 3 weeks starting with 50mg up to now 75mg, i have absolutely no side effects, however Question 1. I would like to know if this dose is therapeutic as ...

Posted 29 May 2015 1 answer

Clomipramine - weight gain or weight loss?

I have just been given clomipramine by my doctor to treat OCD and I have been looking up the side effects. I am really concerned about the weight one as I have suffered an eating disorder well I ...

Posted 9 May 2014 1 answer

Can Anafranil "poop out" or lose effectiveness as months go by?

I started Clomipramine (anafranil) on Nov. 24 2014. It has worked superbly, my OCD has diminished 90%. My obsessions are completely gone. I take 250mg of it with 10mg of Abilify. The problem is that ...

Posted 24 Feb 2015 1 answer

Clomipramine - Hello all just wondering how long it takes for this medicine to take full affect?

Hi, just wondering how long it takes for this medicine to take full affect. Ive just gone up to 50mg after 1 week and am currently upto day 10. Has it helped anyone with intrusive thoughts? Thank you ...

Posted 28 Dec 2014 4 answers

I started taking clomipramine for ocd and intrusive thoughts?

I started on 25mg at night now after 7 days have gone to 50mg at night. Just wondering how long it takes to start working? Thank you.

Posted 25 Dec 2014 1 answer

Lack of motivation?

My depression is gone... but I have no motivation & goal for better future. Pls. Suggest me medicine or tips... right now I am on desvenlafaxine and clomipramine.

Posted 10 Sep 2014 4 answers

Help I need some answers?

I just started taking15 mg Remeron 5 days ago after weening off clomipramine for few weeks. I feel like a mess..depression very bad..emotional. im thinking its the change from one med to another and ...

Posted 2 Oct 2014 3 answers


Clomipramine - Has anyone had trouble with high blood pressure while on this medicine?

I am taking 100 mg. of clomipramine for depression but am having higher blood pressure in the AM.

Posted 17 Jul 2014 2 answers

Hypersomnia/constipation on Clomipramine - any remedies?

Hi, I have been prescribed Clomipramine 25mg per day to treat Borderline Personality Disorder, Paranoid Personality Disorder and Body Dysmorphic Syndrome. I take the Clomipramine at night-time but ...

Posted 9 Apr 2014 1 answer

Anafranil - I've been on clomipramine 5 days now how long does it take to start feeling better?

I'm on 25 mg of clomipramine for my ocd thoughts, I can't seem to get them outta my mind how long does it take?

Posted 27 Jan 2013 2 answers

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