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Pregnancy - does bromergon and clomid helps in fertility?

i find it difficult getting pregnant

Posted 13 Apr 2012 1 answer

Can a woman have sex while taking clomid?

Posted 26 May 2013 1 answer

Hi I accidencially took Clomid 12 days ago and I just found out this morning that I am 6 weeks?

... pregnant. Please let me know if any problem with my baby? Thanks NT

Posted 4 Apr 2016 0 answers

Does Clomid work first time?

Hey everyone, Me and my husband have been trying for a year to conceive and it just feels like it's been slow and not working, and I heard about Clomid from my friend! So I'm going to ...

Posted 2 Mar 2016 0 answers

Clomid - why come Im not getting pregnant , and digital opk , says ovulating ??

i had two miscarriges last yesar ive been on depo provera for 6years , and i got pregnant after a 8months of being off , and miscarried , got pregnant again same year and lost it , 2 miscarriages, ...

Posted 22 Feb 2016 0 answers

Would it be ok to stop Clomid for a Month & then start again?

I took Clomid 50mg&100mg & this month would be 150mg... Does Anybody know if this would Be a Big deal or Could it Possibly Affect my Chance to Conceive? Thank U in Advance!

Posted 31 Jan 2016 0 answers

I started taking provera 5 days ago the dr told me that on the 5th day to take clomid?

What im not sure wether to take it even thou i havent had a period she told me i was gonna get a period like on day 3 and to continue clomid on day 5 but havent jad a period should i still take it ...

Posted 6 Dec 2015 0 answers

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome clomid & metformin information & help?

TTC for 7 years... prenatal vitamins. About 5 years ago I took only the clomid and ovulated with the 100mg dose. Me & my husband didn't have timing right... any info about which ovulation ...

Posted 31 Oct 2015 0 answers

Can I start taking clomid after my period stops? Or do I have to take it during my cycle?

Dr. Gave me 5 days worth of clomid, unfortunately I wasn't able to get it right away, and my period has already ended. He also gave me provera to start today, and take for 2 weeks every month ...

Posted 2 Mar 2015 1 answer

I have heard couples say they have had twins using clomid is that true ?

have heard couples say they have had twins using clomid is that true ? i just got started on clomid because i have pcos and me and my husband have been TTC FOR 3 YEARS AND no luck i hope it works for ...

Posted 25 Aug 2015 3 answers

Letrozole - I been having pain in my right breast is like lumps I been taking Clomid?

I been taking Clomid for 2 months I change to femara this month & the lumps & pain are gone!! What could this be?

Posted 26 Sep 2015 0 answers

Clomid - implant bleeding or ... please help?

I had mens 16/8, did 1st clomid cycle days 5-9 with positive opk n cramping cd 17-18 Had? progesterone done cd 25 was 128nmol/L af due 19/9 however had brown black looking sticky stretching cm 18/9 ...

Posted 20 Sep 2015 0 answers

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