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How to relieve constipation caused by activated charcoal use?

I took 2 caps of activated charcoal and after a couple hours nothing happened so according to the instructions obn bottle, I took another however no only did nothinhappen but now I am constipated and ...

Posted 5 Nov 2011 1 answer

Activated charcoal-isnt it supposed to help flush things from the system? can it constipate?

and is it safe to take magnesium a few hours later? I have to take lots of magnesium to stay regular..I didnt know till after taking 3 teaspoons of charcoal throughout today that it can constipate ...

Posted 9 Apr 2014 0 answers

Has anyone experienced "SMOKERS BREATH" after having Activated Charcoal administered as the result?

... of a drug overdose? I have never smoked a day in my life. This is the only reason I can think of for all of a sudden, having horrible smokers breath. My overdose was in 2006. Thanks, in advance.

Posted 15 Nov 2013 1 answer

Can someone use charcoal when they are taking ARV'S?

if the person is vomiting and they want to clean their stomach, can they use charcoal?

Posted 11 Sep 2013 1 answer

Is there any side effect caused by use of activated charcoal in form of powder(diluted in water)?

Is there any potential effect to increase the risk of cancer?

Posted 4 Sep 2012 2 answers

Doxy Lemmon - does doxycycline interacts with herbal supplements ?

I am being treated for lyme and curious if this can interacts with vitamins, charcoal tablets, etc. Is there specific list of vitamins that I should not take?

Posted 24 Dec 2011 1 answer

Activated charcoal capsules - is it safe to chew the capsules?

I am a school nurse and care for a student that takes activated charcoal capsules daily. My concern is that the student chews the capsule, I'm concerned about the powder affecting the ...

Posted 1 Mar 2011 1 answer

I took eight diazepam's 5mg and I went to the hospital and had the charcoal?

Did the charcoal clean the drugs out of my system?

Posted 28 May 2011 2 answers

How does activated C\charcoal come packaged?

I am doing a project for my college EMT class and I can't seem to find the answer for my question.

Posted 12 Oct 2010 1 answer

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