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Just started on 10mg Brintellix last night, very nauseated, sleepy this morning. Have not felt good?

... all day, still very nauseated and wondering whether to take another one tonight. How long is nausea expected to last? Dr. has switched me to this from 100 Mg zoloft for panic/anxiety disorder

Posted 26 May 2014 5 answers

Anxiety and Brintellix?

I have been prescribed Brintellix for anxiety and reactive depression after traumatic experience in my life. Have been on Aropax for a number of years and then felt the effect not so good any more. I ...

Posted 2 Jan 2015 1 answer

Brintellix for Generalized Anxiety. Is it Effective?

Hi. I'm currently on Lexapro (Escitalopram) for my GAD and I'm at 30mg for about 3 weeks now and I was previously on 25mg for 6 weeks with mixed results. Some days I feel like it's not ...

Posted 3 days ago 3 answers

I have been taking Brintellix for 5 days at 5g. I do not handle many medications well, and this is?

... no different. I take it in the AM with other meds and within one hour I'm thinking about all my other ailments, mind racing and very nervous. It's very unnerving to be a 75 yo man and ...

Posted 19 hours ago 1 answer

Depression - has anyone used Brintellix? This is the only antidepressant that has worked for me and?

... I have tried a lot of different ones that made me worse! Most made it worse. This drug seemed to work quicker, about a week for me, and my appetite remained the same. I have been on them about 4 ...

Posted 13 Jan 2016 2 answers

Anything comparable to Brintellix?

My insurance company is absolutely horrible. I can't afford to fill the prescription. I found some coupons which I have not taken into the Pharmacy yet. Any suggestions. Please help because I ...

Posted 12 Jan 2016 2 answers

Brintellix is enuone tried this for OCD is this drug effect well at the first 3 days I'm very cpnfu?

I took is for 3 days very anargetic very clear minded but very depressed bad mood do need to continue or back to lexapro does anyone suffer this for the first three days I felt before good mood but ...

Posted 18 Jan 2016 3 answers

How to avoid nausea with brintellix?

Posted 9 Jan 2016 2 answers

Brintellix - Will brintelix help with ADHD?

Posted 13 Jan 2016 0 answers

Brintellix vs. Viibryd?

I have been taking 15 mg of Viibryd for almost three years. I was just taken off Viibryd. I started 5 mg of Brintellix yesterday. (Within an hour of taking the med, I had a pounding headache.) ...

Posted 10 Jan 2015 1 answer

I am disabled and on Medicaid. This medication sounds EXACTLY what I need. I know I won't be?

... covered. Is there any help to cover cost. I live off of $500.00 month, and barely make it. There is no way I can pay a co-pay

Posted 2 Jan 2016 1 answer

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