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Can I take aleve while breastfeeding ?

I fell down and sprain my ankle I took one aleve for the pain can I breastfeed her or do I have to wait

Posted 7 Nov 2011 2 answers

Is it safe to take Norco while breastfeeding?

Just came home from hospital with newborn. He will not wake up to nurse, have plenty of milk. I was given Norco while in hospital for pain meds after C section

Posted 4 Sep 2011 1 answer

How to avoid breastfeeding 2 year old baby?

I want to avoid feeding because I have very less quintity to feed him, he is also taking food n dyte is good but many times he want feeding almost 10 to 15 times a day.

Posted 6 days ago 3 answers

Nexplanon - Does implanon affect breastfeeding? Also I know that when you breastfeed you hardly?

... get your period.. implanon put in, and 4 days later had unprotected sex, can I get pregnant even if I'm breastfeeding and not getting my period?

Posted 4 days ago 2 answers

Is it safe to take celexa while breastfeeding?

My baby will be 9 months next weeks and today I was proscribed 20mg of it safe for me to take the celexa and nurse my daughter?

Posted 28 Mar 2014 1 answer

Wife is using fluoxetine?

my wife is breastfeeding my child. he is 14 months old. my wife has a depressed mood disorder. so doctor prescribed her FLUOXETINE 20mg. doctor said that she may have to continue it for 1 year or ...

Posted 11 Mar 2014 2 answers

Albolene wrap while breastfeeding; is it safe for my L.O.?

So, I know that the standard use for Albolene is to moisturize and remove make-up. However, in researching,I found that Albolene could also be used as a product to remove access water from the belly ...

Posted 13 Mar 2014 1 answer

What antibiotics can I take while breastfeeding for infection where a tooth was pulled?

I'm allergic to all penicillin and amoxicillian and eggs and dairy products. I also have asthma

Posted 11 Mar 2014 1 answer

What are the risk if I stop taking Viread? It's because I want to breastfeed my baby girl?

Hi, in the mean time, I'm taking Viread as a treatment to my Hep B infection and I'm pregnant. So far, everything are fine with my baby. My baby will be born within 2 months time. I plan to ...

Posted 12 Mar 2014 1 answer

Can I use orlistat while breastfeeding?

Posted 8 Mar 2014 1 answer

Kenalog-40 - I just had a one time injection in my hip earlier of kenalog 40 for sinus issues. Is it

... safe to breastfeed my 11 month old?

Posted 14 Feb 2014 0 answers

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