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Botox for migraines has a headache everyday?

Has anybody had the shots and it didn't help the first time around?

Posted 13 days ago 1 answer

Has anyone other than me seen the study done in Austriala by Allergan for PHN?

Has anyone other than me seen the study done in Austriala by Allergan for PHN?It worked on 10 out of 10 patients, that it was tested on the torso and below the shoulders using Allergan's Botox ...

Posted 8 Oct 2015 2 answers

Do you think 200cc of botox to your bladder is too much?

How much botox injected to your bladder is recommended ? I really am scared having to catherize myself after the procedure. Thanks for your help@

Posted 23 Sep 2015 2 answers

Feeling sick after botox. Please help!?

I had botox 5 days ago. (First time)I got 16 units total injected in my crow's feet.Since then I been feeling sick. I have an intense headache and blurried vision, nausea, itchi and dry eyes. ...

Posted 7 Sep 2015 1 answer

Botox - Is it a painful procedure?

Have not responded to several medication (myrbetriq) currently. Botox has been suggested but it is done in the office. I have read reports of great discomfort. I personally know the discomfort of ...

Posted 25 Aug 2015 1 answer

Botox - Any dangers? Having procedure soon?

Tried two medications with no success. Also a procedure similar to acupuncture in my ankles. With limited success. My doctor is trying Botox soon. Are there any serious side effects?

Posted 26 Jun 2015 4 answers

I continue to have horrible pain after Botox for anal fissure . Please help! What do I donext!?

I have a history of Crohn's disease but in remission for 8+ years. First saw Colorectal surgeon 1/13 for hemorrhoid and blood. Again 1/14. Started seeing him again about 10/14 with heavy ...

Posted 17 Jun 2015 0 answers

Botox only lasted for 2 months?

I received my first Botox treatment January 20 of this year. It is the best thing that ever happened to me! Migraines gone. I have suffered with migraines for over five years, basically living in my ...

Posted 3 Apr 2015 3 answers

Myrbetriq - What is the difference between "incontinence" and Ovar-Active Bladder?

Been treated with Vesicare for about 6 years, but it's failing me. I was also offered the "botox" route, which I rejected pending looking into Myrbetriq. Will this med help me, ...

Posted 25 Mar 2015 1 answer

Can you use Botox to treat ptosis (droopy eyelid of left eye)? My doctor injected a small dose on my

... eyelid (that opens and closes my eye). Does it make it better or worse? Why would he inject it there? Please help. I don't want to make it worse

Posted 21 Mar 2015 1 answer

Has anyone else been nonresponsive to IC treatment? My condition has continuously deteriorated?

I'm pretty much homebound. My doctor recently tried cyclosporin which I had high hopes, but had terrible reaction due to erythromelalgia. ... another alternative we discussed was Botox... Has ...

Posted 9 Feb 2015 3 answers

Botox - I have had trouble with incontinence for 10 years and have tries everything?

I have tried many med and even had the Inner Stim Implant but I'm still wearing pads. I'm in my late 60's and would like to live a normal life again.Botox was suggested as my next ...

Posted 6 Mar 2015 1 answer

What can an MRI/MRA show given my symptoms?

Will it only show a stroke or TIA? For the past 11 days, I have dizziness, weak neck muscles causing my head to drop forward, extreme weakness and exhaustion. Cannot be upright for more than 30 ...

Posted 22 Dec 2014 3 answers

I have had headaches, migraine and chronic daily headaches lately. (And many repetitions for a?

... long time.) Does anyone here believe in botox? I think it is a huge, dangerous experiment. Most importantly, does anything actually work for this? I take Corgard, but also tylenol and advil ...

Posted 22 Nov 2014 2 answers

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