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Birth control - If you have unprotected sex during the placebo week, could you still get pregnant?

I feel like this is a really stupid question, but if you have taken birth control for a year and a half and have unprotected sex during the placebo week, could you still get pregnant?

Posted 7 Mar 2011 4 answers

I am experiencing dark brown bleeding the day my period was supposed to start, am I pregnant?

I am 19 years old, i am on birth control and i have sex without a condom on a regular basis. I am supposed to get my period this week but yesterday i started bleeding very dark blood, it has a lot of ...

Posted 28 Apr 2014 4 answers

When should you expect to get your period the first month on the pill & are abdomical pains normal?

I started ortho-tri-cyclen-lo the sunday after my period ended. I am 17 years old and I have never used birth control before. I got it at planned parenthood. I currently am going to take the last ...

Posted 12 Nov 2011 2 answers

Period on the active pills?

I've been on birth control for about 4 months, I've always gotten my period on inactive pill days. this month i got my period when im still taking the dark blue active pills. is that normal?

Posted 20 Mar 2013 2 answers

Depo Shot & Unprotected Sex?

I got my first depo provera shot about 13ish days ago and my boyfriend and I had unprotected sex in a spa in the weekend twice. Is there any chance I could be pregnant? My doctor said that the ...

Posted 6 Jul 2013 1 answer

I'm on the birthcontrol pill & had unprotected sex , what should I do?:$?

I've been on the birth control for 24 days now, I had unprotected sex and he ejaculated in me. I don't rly have the money for the morning after pill but I'm just not sure if I'm ...

Posted 16 Dec 2012 2 answers

When will my first period start after starting birth control pill?

I have just started my period and not sure when to start my pills. It says to start now, but that means I'll be at the sugar pills in three weeks. Will I get my period in another three weeks ...

Posted 28 Feb 2014 2 answers

Can I get pregnant in my 7 day break from the Birth Control Pill?

I am on the 21 day birth control pack of Microgestin 1.5/30, I am a Sunday starter. This is my first month on the pill, I followed the Pamphlets instructions and did not have unprotected sex for the ...

Posted 28 Apr 2014 2 answers

I'm on birth control but I had unprotected sex, took plan b but still no period, am I pregnant???

The timing with my birth control pill had been off and it happened around the time I am usually ovulating. I also know that he finished inside me. I was freaking out and ended up taking plan b that ...

Posted 19 Sep 2013 1 answer

I've missed 2 birth control pills and I'm lightly spotting. Am I pregnant?

I've been on the pill for six months so I'm used to it I have sugar pills and I haven't gotten to them yet. Now I'm lightly spotting it did it yesterday during the day and stopped ...

Posted 3 Feb 2014 1 answer

Nexplanon - How likely is it that I can get pregnant with the implant?

I got the implant (Nexplanon) about two months ago, and I haven't had any noticeable major side effects. I had my period on time the month after I got it, but now I'm eight days late for my ...

Posted 4 Dec 2013 3 answers

Help! I'm a 1st time user to the depo shot and I was given the shot off my cycle. I'm clueless!?

I was given the depo- provera shot while off my cycle. I was given a pregnancy test the same day and it was negative. The date of the test and shot was July 15th today, is the July29th. The last ...

Posted 30 Jul 2010 14 answers

Taking The Morning After Pill while on Birth Control?

I'm on Loestrin 24 but was on antibiotics for a few days, and my boyfriend and I had unprotected sex. He read up on what antibiotics causes birth control to be less effective, but we're ...

Posted 27 Nov 2012 1 answer

Birth control pill question! please help me?

i'll try to keep this as short and simple as possible. please help i need an answer!! i finished my first pack of birth control pills on friday, and then should have gotten my period within the ...

Posted 30 Aug 2013 3 answers

Fourth day into placebo pills and no period?

I've been on Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo for about three years and haven't really had any issues with it although I am concerned now. I'm in my fourth day of the placebo pills and I still ...

Posted 10 Apr 2014 1 answer

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