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Plan B - I've been taking Seasonique for exactly 2 months as of last night when I took my pill?

... around 10. My boyfriend ejaculated inside me around 7:30. Do I need to get plan b or am I covered by my birth control pill. I've never missed a pill. Latest I've taken my pill was 11 ...

Posted 20 Jul 2014 1 answer

I am on birth control and took Plan B, what are my chances of becoming pregnant?

I am on birth control, and have been for around 6 months. Last month I got my period/spotting lightly well on my third week of birth control pills, i did not end up taking the last two or three pills ...

Posted 25 Jun 2014 2 answers

Can I keep taking the pill regularly? Is it still effective?

I got on birth control pill ( Aviane) awhile ago, and i took the pills for about a week and I had to stop using them because I didn't have them with me for about 2 weeks. I recently just took a ...

Posted 24 Jul 2014 1 answer

Me and my friend had protected sex but I am on birthcontrol am I pregnant? I took some right after?

Me and my friend had unprotected sex but I did not know he let go inside me until after he told me I began to panic and took two birth control pills one to catch up with the day I missed and one I ...

Posted 14 Jul 2014 1 answer

Cryselle 28 - Im on tricyclen 28 birth control pills and have been for years. I only took four?

... pills in this pack then stopped cause we decided we wanted to get pregnant but I noticed today im spotting is that because i started and stopped taking the pill?

Posted 17 Jul 2014 1 answer

Aubra - During the 7 days of placebo pills should I be using a backup method of birth control?

Say I have sex before I get my period but I'm on the last seven pills that don't have any hormones, should I be using a backup contraceptive like a condom?

Posted 12 Jul 2014 1 answer

Microgestin Fe 1/20 - How many Microgestion fe 1/20 pill should I take to stop a pregnancy?

I was taking the birth control pills but my period wasn't coming on the brown pills so my doctor said I should stop the pills till my next period. I had unprotected sex and now I don't know ...

Posted 7 Jul 2014 1 answer

In what day of the fourth week on the kariva birth control pill am I suppose to get my period?

Im on the last week of the pill which is the fourth week approximatelyin what day will i get my period?

Posted 9 Jul 2014 1 answer

I am on birth control but I had unprotected sex on my period, can I be pregnant or just paranoid?

I take my birth control pills normally around the same time everyday. When I miss one I take two the next day at normal time. Two weeks ago I had unprotected sex and I was on my period. Could I be ...

Posted 7 Jul 2014 3 answers

My period is 2 months late I'm on birth control pills should I be worried?

Ive had light pink discharge after wiping, only one day. I have also been really sore. I take the inactive pills, Ive been on birth control 4 months before this and it was fine until now, I also take ...

Posted 6 Jul 2014 1 answer

Should I take plan b?

Hello, I am currently sexually active and have been taking my pills on time. However, I had unprotected sex on July 1. Then on July 6, I missed my birth control pill. On July 7, the day I realized I ...

Posted 16 Jul 2014 1 answer

Birth control Pill miss?

I missed the first 3 days of my Nicon 1/35. Im not sure on which pill i should start back on. it say take it till sunday and throw out the rest of the pack but its a full pack and you are only ...

Posted 8 Jul 2014 2 answers

Could I be pregnant if I took plan b but then started birth control pills the next day?

So on June 7th (Saturday) my boyfriend and I had sex with a condom for like 20 seconds. We're not sure if he came inside of me or not but I'm still worried. I took plan b two hours after we ...

Posted 25 Jun 2014 1 answer

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