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I took my birth control pill 2 hours later than I usually do, am I still protected?

I'm currently on my 5th week of tri-sprintec. I usually take my pill at 6:30pm every night. I've only ever been about half an hour late on it before and I've never missed a pill. But ...

Posted 2 days 5 hours ago 1 answer

Had unprotected sex after 3 days of starting orsythia birth control pills, am I pregnant?

Me and my boyfriend decided to have unprotected sex the last 2 minutes of intercouse, but he did not come inside me, we are only afraid of pre-cum..should i take the plan b pill and keep taking my ...

Posted 1 day 7 hours ago 1 answer

Birth Control Question - Pregnancy?

My boyfriend and I are in a monogamous relationship, I have just started my third month of birth control pills as of Sunday (ortho 0.5/35). My boyfriend and I usually always use condoms because of my ...

Posted 2 days 3 hours ago 1 answer

Could I be pregnant?

I have been taking birth control pills for 4 months now. I missed two pills this month (once being the first pill and the second time being a week later) and I took two pills the next day both times ...

Posted 9 hours ago 1 answer

What does it mean if I'm not getting my period while in the placebo birth control pills?

I have been taking the birth control pill Microgestin for almost a year now. My period has been fairly normal during this time. For the past 4 months or so, I have not always taken the placebo pills, ...

Posted 9 hours ago 1 answer

Panic about birth control?

I am on my second pack of birth control pills. I have taken all the pills correctly. Basically every time I have had sex I have used a condom as well except twice during my second pack. My breasts ...

Posted 1 day 15 hours ago 1 answer

I started on Avian birth control pill last month (February)?

I took out my IUD the day before i started on my Avian birth control. I started on the Monday (2/2/15) and I spotted for the whole week after a few days later. I also didn't get my period all of ...

Posted 1 day 6 hours ago 1 answer

Messing up bc pills? Took plan b?

I was wondering because I messed up on taking my birth control pills meaning I took 2 placebo pills before I was supposed to which was a Saturday and sunday placebo pill. I had one last Friday active ...

Posted 4 days ago 1 answer

Scared of being pregnant, what are my chances?

I have been on birth control for several months. I forgot my birth control pill Monday and had sex without a condom on Tuesday, and took my normal pill that night. I forgot to take the missed pill ...

Posted 2 days 13 hours ago 1 answer


I started my period on February 13th on friday. I then started taking my trinessa birth control pills on sunday feb. 15th. Today, March 1st, i had unprotected sex and he might of came in me a little ...

Posted 4 days ago 1 answer

Birth Control Pills - I havnt taken my pill for 3 months now and wanting to start back on it, would?

... I start taking it on the first or last day of my period ?

Posted 2 days 14 hours ago 1 answer

I have been bleeding for a week what do I do?!?

I just started the 3 month birth control pill camrese. it's my 3rd week in and I have had my period for a week. I haven't missed any pills and I have been taking every pill on time. Do you ...

Posted 2 days 2 hours ago 1 answer

Previfem - Okay.. I had forgot to take my birth control pills for about 4 days in the 2nd week of my

... pack.. I took 2 in one day trying to catch up but it made me feel sick.. So i just started on the day it was. And i forgot again in the 3rd week.. I took one on one day then just went ahead and ...

Posted 5 days ago 1 answer

Junel Fe 1/20 - What do I do if a birth control pill falls down the sink drain and I am unable to?

... retrieve it? It was my 5th pill for the start week

Posted 7 hours ago 0 answers

Missed a birth control pill, could I get pregnant?

Hello. I have been on birth control since october. I missed my pill on Monday and had sex without a condom on tuesday, he did not ejaculate inside me. I took the next pill on Tuesday at normal time. ...

Posted 8 days ago 1 answer

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