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When to start the birth control pill after taking plan b?

I had sex with a guy last Wednesday and the condom broke. I took plan b the next morning at 11am. Today I started spotting and then full on bleeding. So plan b has started my period early due to my ...

Posted 10 hours ago 0 answers

Birth Control Pills. Is this normal?

I have just started my 3rd pack of BCP and the last two months were in sync almost. 1st week of pills: nothing. 2nd week of pills: spotting/brown discharge for a couple days. 3rd week of pills: ...

Posted 5 days ago 1 answer

Chances of being pregnant?

I randomly got my period during the 2nd week of active birth control pills but did not get it during the week of sugar pills when I am supposed to. I have sex but i use birth control and condoms i ...

Posted 6 days ago 0 answers

Took Cephalexin while on Birth Control Pills, can I be pregnant?

Started Cephalexin october 10th a day before starting my BCP and while on my cycle. Cycle ended two days after I started BCP october 13th and three days after taking Cephalexin. had sex on october ...

Posted 4 Nov 2015 1 answer

Wrong Tri-Sprintec birth control pill?

I start my packs on a Tuesday. I am completely done with week 1 and was on Saturday of week 2. Today, Sunday, instead of taking Sundays week 2 I accidently took Sundays week 3 pill. Will this make ...

Posted 2 days 22 hours ago 0 answers

I decided to go with Nexplanon when the estrogen birth control pills I was taking (which I didn't?

... mind taking at all) started to have a negative effect on my body. The LP I saw had some testing done and unfortunately taking the estrogen birth control pills gave me awful migraines and blurred ...

Posted 8 days ago 1 answer

Missed 2 Birth control pills, had bleeding now I'm supposed to be on my period?

So I missed 2 bc pills so I took two a day the following days to catch up. I started bleeding for a few days. And in those days I was supposed to be on my period so I was taking the placebo pills. ...

Posted 5 days ago 0 answers

Mononessa - First time taking birth control. After day 28, do I start day 1 of new pack?

So this is the first time I'm taking any kind of birth control pills, Mononessa specifically. I understand that my period should start during the green pills. After the green pills are done, do ...

Posted 11 days ago 1 answer

Been on the Nexplanon implant for a year so why am I bleeding?

I've been on the Nexplanon since December 2014 and have had bleeding issues since I've gotten. So I started taking birth control pills which regulated it pretty well. But made me moody and ...

Posted 9 days ago 0 answers

I accidentally took two of my active birth control pills?

One day I guess I had completely forgotten that I took my pill at the scheduled time and took another 2 hours later in a frenzy because I thought I didn't take it at all. Then I realized that I ...

Posted 6 Feb 2015 1 answer

Am I protected from pregnancy when I switch from Lutera to Microgestin Fe 1/20?

I switched from Lutera birth control pills to Microgestin Fe 1/20 pills at the beginning of this month. I took one Lutera for the month (on sunday) and then went to the doctor Monday and she switched ...

Posted 7 Nov 2015 0 answers

I missed a birth control pill?

So I missed my reclipsen birth control on Friday and didn't double up. Then took the Saturdays pill and started a new pack on Sunday . Should I be concerned

Posted 7 days ago 0 answers

Do Antifungal tablets reduce the effectiveness of Birth Control Pills?

Hi, Currently freaking out. I was told that I would be fine if I had sex without a barrier method while on Antifungal tablets, because I was told that they wouldn't affect my birth control. I ...

Posted 10 days ago 0 answers

Birth control pills, anti fungal pills?

I currently take marlissa monophasic combined birth control pills. I was told that my Ketoconazole wouldn't affect my birth control in any way, and now I've been told that it does. I had ...

Posted 9 days ago 0 answers

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