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Is there a good non narcotic pain med besides Tramadol?

I have Fibromyalgia and several hernia repairs therefore a lot of belly pain not to mention generalized pain. My doc wont give me Tramadol because of the antidepressants i'm on. Does anyone know ...

Posted 5 Apr 2012 1 answer

Does it matter what time you take antidepressants? Morning or Night?

My psychiatrist prescribed me to take Abilify (2mg) as an addition to my Zoloft for my depression. I've been taking my zoloft (50mg) at night for months now but Abilify cancels out my seroquel ...

Posted 24 Nov 2011 5 answers

Celexa to Zoloft, better or worse?

I was recently removed from taking Amitriptiline and Mirtazapine completely. My psych felt those, along with Celexa and Buspar, was a toxic antidepressant combination for me. Now she has switched me ...

Posted 5 Jun 2013 12 answers

Is my experience with starting lamictal normal?

For years I was told I had major depression and I've tried so many antidepressants I can't even recall all of them. I've been taking 300 mg. wellbutrin for a few months now and not ...

Posted 8 Jul 2012 12 answers

Who has taken Cymbalta?

My depression has returned after weening myself off of Celexa. I really just don't want to take antidepressants anymore but I can't keep feeling like I am feeling. My doctor wants me to try ...

Posted 23 Nov 2011 44 answers

Overall wich drug/antidepressant works the best on anxiety and panic attacks?

This question is to try to gauge wich treatment for anxiety and panic attacks is the most efficient. It could help people recognize similarities in effects between each other and maybe ease some ...

Posted 29 Dec 2012 5 answers

What dose of Remeron do you take as sleep aid and antidepressant?

For those of you who take remeron for a sleep aid as well as an AD, what mg are you on? I'm on my 2cd week of 30 mg, and I know it takes 4 weeks to work as an antidepressant, but I'm still ...

Posted 28 Apr 2012 5 answers

What do you feel like when an antidepressant starts to work I have major depression anxiety ptsd?

On lexapro 19 days no relief so far please help

Posted 7 Jul 2013 6 answers

What is the difference between ssri's and snri's?

I had a bad reaction to Prozac many years ago. I was told by my doc that I cannot tolerate ssri's. I was prescribed Cymbalta yesterday(snri) and was wondering what the difference between the ...

Posted 27 Jun 2013 3 answers

I was switched antidepressants and I am having a lot of side effects. Is it normal? & for how long?

I was on cipralex (only for a few wks, before that was celexa for a few months) and my dr just switched me to Luvox. I have had some experience with this med, I was on it for years actually but that ...

Posted 2 days ago 2 answers

How long anti-depressants take in providing full relief?

Dear sir/madam, My name is Simon. I stay In INDIA. Since the age of nineteen, I have been suffering from Social anxiety disorder. Now, I am 27. Currently, I am taking psychiatric treatment for the ...

Posted 7 days ago 2 answers

Why do we need an anti depressant for hot flashes and menopause?

my doctor recommended Brisdelle

Posted 10 days ago 3 answers

Can anyone give me insight? just started BupropionXL 150mg once a day?

I've never been on any type of antidepressant and just started this for postpartum depression. I think I have a mild form of depression, and I know it takes a bit of time to take effect but so ...

Posted 17 days ago 3 answers

Has anyone tried these (C.E.S.) "Crananial Electrotherapy Stimulation" devices that are sold?

on the internet? There are several devices out there. They claim to stop Insomnia, Anxiety, & Depression. They run on AA batteries and have electrodes that strap on your head. They are supposed ...

Posted 10 hours ago 0 answers

Why did my Blue Cross insurance quit covering my Emsam Patches?

It was the only antidepressant that made me feel normal again. Now I cannot afford it.

Posted 6 days ago 1 answer

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