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Can I drink alcohol while taking sulfamethoxazole / trimethoprim ds tab?

Can a glass or two of wine be taken with this medication

Posted 24 Aug 2010 1 answer

How long after taking Diflucan can you drink alcohol again?

I just took a 3 pill dose of diflucan, how long do I have to wait until I can drink alcohol again?

Posted 9 Oct 2015 3 answers

Does alcohol affect cephalexin?

Posted 25 Oct 2015 3 answers

Metronidazole - Reactions to alcohol?

I am newly rosasea patient. When I picked up the rx, I was told not to drink alcohol while using this cream. Any ideas as to why? The box and information included don't say anything about ...

Posted 5 Nov 2015 2 answers

Hepatitis C - Has anyone consumed alcohol, during hep C treatment ? And has alcohol affected the?

... strength of Harvoni after 12 weeks of treatment?

Posted 10 Oct 2015 3 answers

Does cephalexin mix with alcohol?

Posted 25 Sep 2015 1 answer

I just was prescribed terbinafine and I know it say don't drink alcohol beverage while taking it so?

... what if I don't take the medicine on the weekend only will that be okay and just take the medicine on the days I don't drink or just stop drinking until I get my toes clear

Posted 21 Oct 2015 2 answers

Why does the liver and alcohol has such hard time working together? Being a Type 2 diabetic I?

... understand the reasoning of avoiding such activities but I just don't see the concept of drinking and the liver not wanting to work with metformin can some one explain?

Posted 19 days ago 1 answer

Plan B One-Step - I took Plan B and then one hour later I drank alcohol does it mean it wont work?

I had a accident a Friday night and the next day took plan B, when I took plan B I went to a party one hour later. I drank and got really trashed. I woke up the next day and I did not feel any ...

Posted 2 days 8 hours ago 1 answer

I take alendronic acid?

i am affected badly when i take alcohol,afetr a little alcohol i feel drunk and slur my speech,this has never happened before,is it the drug?

Posted 1 Nov 2015 1 answer

Is there alcohol in cycobenzaprine?

Is there any kind of alcohol in cycobenzaprine?

Posted 7 days ago 1 answer

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